Rolling Football Podcast Spin-off thread


My current ranking:

Football Ramble > Totally Football League Show > Athletico Mince > Guardian Football Weekly > European Football Show > Quickly Kevin, Will He Score? > Totally Football Show > On The Continent


Big fan of Quickly Kevin, the interviews are actually insightful


Ken Early > everyone else


Really wish football weekly would bin off feigning interest in leagues. Glendenning essentially reading out Serie A results doesn’t offer any insight at all. Generally though I’ve enjoyed this season’s offerings quite a lot. Priya Ramesh was a great guest.

Other than those you mentored, I quite like the Independent’s football podcast for going a bit more in depth on fewer topics, despite having massive preconceptions about Miguel Delaney because of what a tool he is on Twitter.

@shrewbie’s right though, the Second Captains output tops them all.


Guardian football and euro leagues podcast. Sacked off totally football as it was (understandably) the same as Guardian


I like the ramble - but I wish Jim didn’t sound so nervous all the time. Relax, take your time m8. Definitely a morning commute show.

Guardian is good - afternoon commute. I really like Max, he’s self deprecating and I think makes the panel seem less smug than they did under Jimbo.
New guests like Lars and Priya have been good, not sure how I feel about Jacqui Oatley. Thought they covered the Mark Sampson stuff really well.

Totally football show has been okay, but yeah same show. Only listen too occasionally.




guardian > ramble preview > 2nd captains > guardian extra > ramble > jimbo

don’t have time for on the continent, don’t bother with jimbo most weeks.


Absolutely adore Second Captains. Listen to Anfield Wrap a bit for Liverpool stuff. Used to like Football Weekly but felt it all was a bit more football #content than I had time for



usually just listen to ttfs and ramble. cba with rushdens’s banter and glendenning is stealing a living.

ramble is good but a bit less arsenal content would be nice.

even with the two I feel like there’s a bit too much crossover


The genuine experts like Horncastle and Honingstein aside, Glendenning’s the best contributor to any of the above pods for me.


I don’t know why i dislike Iain Macintosh so much.

Can’t stand him.


Shows how sad I am that all of these are on regular rotation;

    • Football Weekly >
    • Spanish Football Podcast >
    • La Liga Weekly (Jon Driscoll is probably the best presenter/host around, and Terry Gibson analyses football better than any other former players) >
    • 5Live’s World Football Phone-In >
    • Second Captains (agree that Ken Early talks about football better than pretty much anyone, but I’m not really a fan of the way it’s formatted/edited, and while you can’t blame them, I don’t really care about the Irish focus) >
    • On The Continent (Way better than the football ramble, has a much better balance of analysis and humour) >
    • The Indy Football Show >
    • Totally Football Show >
    • Talksport’s European Football Show >
    • Talking La Liga >
    • The Football Ramble

General best football-talkers - Tim Vickery, Sid Lowe, Honigstein, Horncastle, Jack Pitt-Brooke, Ken Early, Priya Ramesh, Amy Lawrence, Andy Brassell, Jacqui Oatley, Jonathan Wilson.

Recommend these which can be listened to like Audiobooks, would quite like more retrospective football series. Market is very saturated with weekly analysis;
The Mixer Series for Michael Cox’s book.
Graham Hunter’s interview series (not kept up with it since it’s gone subscribery)
The Blizzard

Also some Leeds United podcasts I won’t bore you (further) with.


Nice to see Jack Pitt-Brooke doing so well for himself. He used to have a City blog as a teenager called The Lonesome Death of Roy Carroll, think he’s one of the Independent’s senior sportwriters now.


Horncastle has become a bit “gun for hire” though. I still like him…but if you listen to a few podcast you hear him recycle quite a few points (same with Andy Brassell).


Couldn’t disagree more about the ramble/on the continent.

The ramble is great. Properly balances enjoying corporate football with the the idiocy or enjoying corporate football. They’re four likeable guys too…they have their in-jokes but they’re socially conscious and open to criticism. Always find myself smiling through their shows

On the continent is just dry. It’s not awful, but you can hear what Brassell thinks in more depth on Talksport 2…and Horncastle is on all the podcasts. The humour is really safe too. Waste of an hour tbh.


feel that way about glendenning tbh. think sometimes you can build an irrational hatred based on first impressions maybe


It’s grown on me a bit, and there’s definitely a space for their style as, like you say, the sober analysis of every other podcast. And it’s good that’s there’s something with humour that’s several levels higher than, say, Soccer AM or whatever Bookies-sponsored YouTube channels are the norm these days.

Don’t find it as an out-and-out annoying as I used to, but still just find the laughter really OTT, loud and backslapping… dare I say, Gervais-like. Which is ok if you find it funny but so often it’s just not (to me, anyway), and unbearable.

Find a higher quality of analysis and toned down humour a better balance - it’s a lot more casual than any other podcast, still. I agree about the recycled points, but I don’t see how they’d avoid that when talking about the same stuff. If anything, it makes me wanna bin off the other podcasts they’re on and stick to that one.


Athletico Mince is fucking shite.