Rolling Heavy Music 2017

Sumac/Oxbow in London/Leeds (25th & 26th April respectively)

Oooo. That’s tempting, isn’t it?

aye, gonna be my one gig for the year tbh. haven’t listened to the new oxbow song yet but should do.

I’ve got 3 (three) gigs lined up for 2017.

It’s like being 19 all over again!*

*I am now 20

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Anyone off to Mayhem\Dragged Into Sunlight tomorrow?

I wish! it’ll be a belter. sold out though in Manchester and it;s in Academy 2 which I hate

It’s wonderful. Sounds sophisticated.

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Black metal from Iceland released by Norma Evangelium Diaboli, so that’s like double hype points. It’s really good though. You can definitely hear DsO/the other Icelandic bands in this, but it’s more measured and atmospheric than dissonant. The ebb and flow of intensity across the album is great and there are some killer melodies. Very dense and good.

Guys Mutoid Man are releasing a new album



:smiley: YES. So good. Those song titles are on point. Fucking LOVE Mutoid Man. #properhaircuts

Havr you seen the vid of them doing She’s A Lady on a train?

Yep, that’s ace as well :smiley: Tiny drum kit!

Good news everyone: though the new Mastodon album cover is their weakest so far, the centrefold is magnificent.

Also, the album’s pretty good too. Sounds a bit like Opeth in places.

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Turned it off halfway through. Their weakest by a country mile.

Their albums are growers. I’ve never connected with them on the first listen. I advise you to give it a second chance.

The hunter wasnt a grower and neither was once around the sun. Their music just isnt good anymore.

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I’m afraid I’m one of those fans. You know the ones - those who prefer it when they sing to when they scream and growl. I am thus partially responsible for the decline of a band you once admired. Sorry about that.


Nah i liked everything up til crack the skye. Its not about screaming or not, its about making them now making forgettable radio rock.

Not sure about the new Oxbow shit yet

Oh yes indeed. A new Mutoid Man album is absolutely what this summer needs.

The new Fen album is marvellous, a 75 minute epic.

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