Ronaldo (trigger warning)

Should maybe bung a TW or clarification in the title. Somehow this hasn’t reached wider media and the OP has some pretty grim details


Also could try to curb the flippant use of phrases like “he raped her or not”

Just try use more sensitive language as it doesn’t read well guys x


are people with power, money, influence and connections above the law?

above the law regarding tax?

above the law regarding the justice system?

it would appear so

Extremely tone deaf and inappropriate stuff from Juve… Pretty gobsmacked by it frankly.


Wow, I mean they could’ve just left it at the first tweet, huh?

They could have literally said nothing and it would have been better (although still a huge failing obviously)


He’s their employee, not been proven guilty and is a HUGE investment for them, there’s literally no way they could’ve said anything negative and I suspect were under a lot of pressure to say something. The second tweet is ridiculous however and a slap in the face to victims of sexual assault.


No doubt. I think the flak for their silence would be preferable to this though.


I know this has been said multiple times relating to tweets about this but fucking HELL some of the replies Juve’s tweets there. Steer clear unless you want to feel really upset about everything.


Thats assuming that the trial would hinge solely on the questionnaire, though. The fact that she went to the police at the time and told them she’d been raped, they took evidence photos of bruises and lacerations that resulted and there were pap photos of them together on the night in question might be enough.

Bizzarrely I was actually quite heartened by the amount of yikes and this ain’t it, chief memes in response

BTW I found this detailed article quite enlightening about a lot of the legal implications, especially in regard to the reopened criminal investigation.

Also wanna reiterate how depressing those Juventus tweets are. Unbelievably offensive.

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Real’s lack of support for his tax crimes was a contributing factor in his transfer to Juventus. These tweets are a disgrace imo.

I would feel sorry for them being forced to stick up for him but they would’ve known all about the allegations before they bought him so…


Aye, fair point

Better from Nike but let’s face it they will have been well aware of the claims for years :woman_shrugging:

Would obviously be preferable if they’d immediately dumped him, but the story’s already sticking around for longer than I thought it would. Not in the Portugal squad either.

The story’s definitely gaining traction now. Nikes response seems to be the lead story for some outlets.

Just mind boggling really