RRRNature ... CD swap v9

Great, thanks DustyNothing! I haven’t had much chance to start on mine yet, so currently a way off unfortunately.

finally got mine off to @DustyNothing, @woweezowee and @funkycow this afternoon. I hope you all like metal and old man techno…

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Pretty sure I’ve finalised mine now, put it into GarageBand the other day. Will attempt to get the CDs burnt at the weekend and get them posted early next week.

i’ve almost got my longlist whittled down but haven’t had time to start on the running order, ripping or artwork just yet. i’ll try and get to it soon, should have some time over the weekend to make some progress

:smiley: your mix turned up today @riverwise ! I like what I recognise but there’s plenty I don’t so looking forward to giving it a spin or three! Cheers!

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Finalised my nature mix (3Rs was looking almost as boring as school). Should have it out in the post next week in time for Easter.

Got my artwork sorted, just the tracklisting proving difficult, so this is taking some time - sorry guys!

think i’ve got my Nature tracklisting sorted. like the water one it’s naturally lead me to lots of pastoral sort of stuff. hope you all like acoustic guitars, otherwise i’m fucked

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also gonna have to test whether my printer can handle the artwork i’ve designed or whether i need to simplify

oh well there’s a surprise, my printer’s run out of black ink, again! Pretty sure it must just evaporate as I’ve barely printed anything since I replaced the cartridge. Kodak printers folks, just don’t. :angry:

So the printing and parcelling up will have to wait until I can hopefully use the printer at work.

@riverwise Likewise, probably about 90% is all new to me. Got a lot of driving to do over Easter so will have the chance to give this a good few listens over the next few days and will report back

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@shucks @bornin69x @LastAstronaut

My mother nature track listing is completed and CDs are burned. Just need to sort some packaging over the w/e and will hopefully get them in the post soon after easter.



Nature CD’s all packed up & ready to pop in the post on Tuesday.


@Trev @riverwise & @DustyNothing

Nature mix all burnt and packaged, I will get them in the post Tuesday hopefully!


Nature mix is now in the post! I managed to restrain myself to only a couple of atmospheric black metal tunes (although they are quite long!), hopefully they won’t be too much of a turn off!


Received today, thanks! I did notice the Winterfylleth on the end there…

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Excellent! I look forward to hearing what you think!

Thanks very much for the mix @riverwise I thought from the track listing I might be a bit out of my comfort zone and that proved to be the case on my first listen as rock and dance aren’t genres I give much time but I ended up finding a lot to like.

The opening two tracks have the two elements that have always put me off the heavier side of rock. The chugging riffs of New Model Army and the high pitched squeaky solos of Panopticon. Repeated listens and the NMA track still didn’t do much for me but I warmed to Panopticon. Completely thrown on first listen with the Folky intro but it meant it nicely into The Good Be Tanyas which was solid enough.

Intrigued by The Voice of The Seven Thunders. Liked that for a psychedelic instrumental it didn’t outstay its’s welcome. The punchy tribal sound suiting the duration.

No Spill Blood was a big plus. Reminded me a bit of the latest Black Mountain record with the stabs of sci-fi spacey sounding keyboards.

Then onto the only three names I recognised. Big Neil Young fan and great track choice. A plethora of nature tracks you could have chosen but this worked really well in the mix. Seen the Kyuss name around but don’t know much about them. Are they something to do with Queens Of The Stone Age? That dirty rumbling bass line was quite reminiscent of some QOTSA tracks. Really enjoyed it. I’ve heard the big Massive Attacks songs but have never got round to investigating any further which is something I should address. What’s the Mad Professor thing about? Is this a remix?

Going into the more dance side of the mix I ended up liking them in ascending order. Thought the Plaid track was okay. Probably a bit too industrial and cold sounding for my tastes. Preferred the slightly more natural feel to the Films track with the piano and post-rock style build up. The winner though was the Studio track which was just a big slice of poppy fun. The 11 odd minutes whizzing by on every listen.

Still not sure what to make of the last track. Quite enjoy it but maybe not enough to really grab me.

Thanks again though as there’s lots to investigate. Any pointers on where to start on some of my favourites?

Thanks, received and another mix where I don’t seem to recognize much which could be a good thing! Just done with my first mix feedback so will now have yours on for the rest of the weekly commute and will report back.

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