Sacha Baron Cohen - new series


Who is America?

I’m assuming this is the series I’ve seen advertised in the last couple of weeks with the slightly annoying “Something big is coming, so dangerous we can’t even tell you about it” stuff?


I want it to be good
I don’t think it will be good at all


will it be better than Keith Lemon: Coming In America


hahaha he’s funny eh? The parodies etc. Good craic that!




Has the headline writer not heard of the World Cup?


still rewatch Ali G a lot tbf but this will be shit based on his recent output


People who use ‘my wife’ as a catchphrase:
Adam Buxton
Papa Lazarou



Scott Aukerman


Only people I have heard of please.


Best thing he’s ever done:


It seems like the whole idea is to get away from his recent output and go back to what made his name in the first place, the weird characters and undercover interviews. I think it will be worth watching, especially if it has a politicised angle which it seems to do.


i hope so. the Ali G bit with the vet is one of my favourite ever things


prince philip



I don’t know but theres a new show on channel 4 and the guy is just borat tbh

bit weird/unfunny


we rewatched the Ali G movie recently and… I did laugh a lot, especially the Charles Dance stuff

“furthermore, I am a bellend”


Really surprised he hasn’t resurrected Ali G or Borat so far considering how everything he’s done post-Borat has sunk without trace (see also: Ricky Gervais with the David Brent film, Morgan Spurlock doing Super Size Me 2, Nia Vardalos doing My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2)


this seems insane