Safe as Milk Festival (21-23 April 2017, Prestatyn)

A new thread so that we don’t damn them by association with the festival that shall not be named.

[quote]You can be amongst the first to book your tickets for the first Safe As Milk festival from 8am on October 31. Safe As Milk is a brand new festival experience, taking the much-loved holiday camp format and taking it to a whole new level – an all-killer line-up, great food and beer, films, exhibitions, lathe pressing, bespoke poster art, a treasure trove of records and merchandise, site attractions (snooker, swimming pool, go-karts etc) all open – this is the un-missable leftfield weekend of 2017.

Tickets prices for Safe As Milk come in 3 stages – Super Early Birds are £139 per person, Early Birds are £169 and Standard Weekend Tickets are £199; so don’t miss out.

As if that wasn’t already an incredible deal, every Super Early Bird apartment booked will receive a free festival goody bag crammed with all things Safe as Milk.[/quote]

Sounds mint and I will probably go if it’s not sold out by the time I have some $$

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Shirley Collins!

Took a punt and got tickets this morning.

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new adds are insane!

tempted Pontin’s was pretty bleak when I went there for ATP 2.0 tho’

Camber was bleak but they were the best ATPs

I saw Mark Ernestus’ Ndagga Rhythm Force in Berlin last year, very fun live.

Really really good lineup. Can’t imagine it’d be a pricy bill to run either. I think Supersonic is around this time next year too?

isn’t supersonic dead?

Yeah looks alright dunnit

gearing up for a big one in june 2017, innum:

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oh nice

line-up’s complete!!!

We got super early bird tickets for this back in October. So glad. It looks mint.
Not sure about the old Butthole surfers as headline, I was pretty wobbly, but remember being less than impressed at ATP MineButHead when they played…
Still; Actress, Shirley Collins, Horse Lords, Omar Souleyman, Grouper, 00I00 and Tony Allen over a weekend… s’all good.

Nice, yeah just got tickets. The Surfers are my favourite band but I’m less concerned with the expected quality of their set, than I am the seemingly real prospect that this’ll be their last show in the UK. Gibby is 60 this year! Did you see both their sets at that ATP?

Rest of the line-up is fantastic, too, though.

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I really want to go, but dont think anyone wants to come with me :frowning:
The Residents are one of my fav live bands, no one else quite like em.

you’ll be able to fill a spot in a chalet I expect, there’s always folks trying to get beds filled as these events get nearer

To be honest i don’t remember them playing 2 sets. It was a pretty eclectic festival though. I do remember missing Bohren und der Club of Gore, we went for a pint in Minehead (sports pub). We heard Bohren soon after and have never forgiven ourselves since!! I’m going with some friends who were at that NBC too and a couple of them remember a great show from the Butthole surfers, 1 wasn’t so sure. So we’ll go into their headline set pretty open minded, and your right, perhaps the occassion of their ‘last UK show’ potential will bring something extra to the show…
I’m kinda interested to see what the running order is/ how late the live music will go on for.

yeah, there were two sets - the first was older material that they knew inside out but the second featured more later era stuff you could tell they weren’t so hot on and the crowd was less familiar with. I loved it though! As for this forthcoming show - it will be interesting as Helios Creed will be there too, could make for a spontaneous jam with him as they’ve collab’d in the past.

I caught a bit of that Bohren set - was such a good festival.

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