I woke up in this this morning…

I saw this

I am on le wight de isle :pinched_fingers:t2:


Looks amazing!

I gave no plans beyond going out tonight for curry and drinks

We have some post box toppers round our way, should be a thread in it really!

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Gonna go and pick up @tilty and go for a ride isn’t it.

Need to actually get up first though.


Awake since 6. The TV has borked his back so going to be a quiet weekend making sure he’s OK.

Let me know a rough postcode area and I’ll have the people responsible arrested.


Just WhatsApp’d someone an internet joke before clocking it was 7:17am. What’s going on?

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Haha I will take a photo of the harry potter one up the road, it changes regularly

Go back to sleep

(Note to self)

Unexplained screaming from youngest this morning.

Plans are minimal today.

Watching the Ryder Cup in bed.

Then got a run planned before watching more golf/football.

Curry later for tea.

Park Run
Watch St Helens


Going to ikea later with two young children. No plans later. It needs to be done but just typing it out is making me feel incredibly sad.

Morning all!

The Child slept later than usual and I’ve had chocolate pillows for breakfast (because I forgot she doesn’t like them).

We’re doing drama later this morning and then Wor Lass is taking her to visit her cousins.

I’m making curry for tea and drinking some wine.

6 music have just smashed out Neil Young - Harvest Moon and the new Sufjan Stevens track back to back. I’m washing up.


Bit early


Tempted Roxy out of bed with a Shreddie but she ate it and went straight back to bed


This was on in Tesco the other day. Seemed incongruous.


Dog must’ve been a bit cold in the night because he got on the bed and burrowed under the covers.

Not got much on. Lawn needs mowing. Dog needs walking. Need to get a sweet potato for dinner.

Off to that London to drink ten beers and go to the Hey Colossus all dayer at the Garage. Anyone else going to be there? I’ll be the awkward middle aged bearded man. Should be easy to spot.

Currently listening to the Cramps while the kid assembles a cardboard skeleton. It’s spooky season.


Gonna get up in a bit and go for a haircut. Think we’re going to try and get out for a walk or something later to get Mrs F out of the house. Might treat myself to a big pasty.