September 2023 Film News/Trailer chat thread

1st September
The Equalizer 3
Sound of Freedom

8th September
Past Lives
The Nun 2
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3

15th September
A Haunting in Venice
Love Life
El Conde (Netflix)

22nd September
Dumb Money
Strange Way of Life (Almodovar short film)
The Expendables 4
The Lesson
Stop Making Sense (re-release)
Spy Kids: Armageddon (Netflix)

27th September
The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar (Wes Anderson short film) (Netflix)

29th September
The Creator
The Old Oak
Saw X

Don’t forget this gem, coming out on Netflix in a couple of weeks

Not to be confused with this Netflix release also this month

Or Chose Love, a Netflix chose your own story rom-com that was released yesterday.

Literally only just realised that the new Lanthimos film is based on the proper good Alasdair Gray novel Poor Things. Fuck, it’s gonna be amazing

Reviews are out today and they are all glowing. I am so relieved as honestly the trailer looked like it could go either way

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Was supposed to be out on 8th September as well :frowning: - stupid studios delaying stuff because they want to shaft actors

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Gives me a chance to read the novel first at least!


Love Tony Leung, so many great performances in so many great films

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When tf is Bottoms coming out

on Prime ‘later this year’ I think

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That’ll be two for two of that director’s films not coming to UK cinemas if so :roll_eyes: Hopefully it gets a limited release!

What if there was a sudden rush to turn photobooks into films ??

V hyped for this


Past Lives is a really stunning piece of work. It’s not flashy but the montages to show the passing of time are dealt with incredibly deftly. Considering it’s a fairly new director it’s a very solid piece of work.

Along with Passages it’s nice to have some decent ‘grownup’ cinema around for want of a better word.


oh hell yeah