Singers You Reckon Are Putting It On

You know how some singers sound so different in their singing voice / talking voice that they probably made a conscious decision at some point to “create” their singing voice rather than just use the one that they have?

Give me some examples of these and we can discuss (argue) whether or not they’re putting it on or that’s just how they sound.

The bloke from Converge


Muse man

Joanna Newsom

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don’t know what either of these sound like when they talk but it’s blates not the same as their singing is it

what about the voice of geddy lee, how did it get so high


The Jesus and Mary Chain

Eddie Vedder

Definitely put on, I have it on good authority that he speaks like an ordinary guy.


are you our fact checkin’ cuz?

Jeff Mangum. Bet he was actually in a 90s Il Divo

You bet your ass. Did you know that in the 1970s and early 1980s, Lee mostly used a Rickenbacker 4001 bass, with a very noticeable grit in his tone.

True story, cuz.

Paloma Faith, who is literally Vic Reeves’ club singer impression come to life


cant think of any

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I remember back in elementary school a lot of people thinking Billie Joe Armstrong was faking an Australian accent.

The lad from WU LYF


Yeah, all stuff like this, there’s loads of them. Adele is another high profile example of putting on a ridiculous singing voice. Also George Ezra. George comes from Hertfordshire. Here is George singing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun:


All black/death metal vocalists.

Jonathan Davis (Korn) never used to say much between songs, because his normal voice doesn’t really suit their music.

Oh George Ezra is fucking ridiculous.