Site broken for anyone else?

Randomly :heart:ing and un-:heart:ing posts, or the wrong posts and not loading replies etc properly?

was a lovely working forum we had while it lasted! :smile:

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@marckee was having some problems over the weekend. It’s working fine for me. (on Chrome on PC and android)

shhhhh! think about the advertisers!

Things haven’t been looking right this morning. When clicking to see who liked a post it shows who liked the post above the one I meant to see. When I liked a post earlier it updated the thread to say I liked a post other than the one I meant, but when refreshing the page it looked fine.

Not sure if that makes sense. Anyways Sean could do with whacking an extra couple quid in the meter.


Also not loading some posts and having to constantly refresh to see them. @SEAN!


this link seems to work properly


good. DiS is half as good when everything is working.


This is exactly what was happening to me yesterday.

(that was on a Windows Vista machine running Firefox)

Oh, and it also is doesn’t always show who a post is replying to, and sometimes posts are grey rectangles of text, and when I post, it’s displays that twice at the bottom of the thread.

You reckon it could be to do with that/users running adblocker?

Are other people seeing ads or was that a joke?

adblock is telling me one ad has been blocked, so I’m guessing not?

Are threads jumping up and down for people too?

It’s like the page is trying to load posts or images or adverts and can’t do it at the same time.


yep broken for me.


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Yep, it’s doing it again.

Liking two things at a time, etc.

How foolish of us to think that DIS2.0 wouldn’t break within weeks.


Also displaying posts out of order within a thread.

fine for me. though when you navigate a thread by clicking to see replies it has loads of blank posts and moves about a bit.