So ATP/Willwal was finally wound up in January


Does some of the graphic design and PR as well I believe


I would be well up for a proper (well run etc) ATP replacement. Rockaway Beach seem to be the only one on the go at the minute and lacks with international bookings.
Could a DiS or a DiS & Quietus one ever be a possibility?
ATP seemed to struggle financially due to lack of sponsors and certain sponsors could help out without being shit. Proved a bit pointless anyway as there were Coke and Pizza Hut etc ads everywhere once you were in Butlins/Pontins!
Could do a Vs the fans style thing of a poll etc.


Don’t forgot the Butthole Surfers pontins weekender (Safe as Milk or something) that was planned for this time last year that fell apart with only a few weeks to go…


Aye but I was thinking of ones that actually get put on :slight_smile:
Still think there’s a market for this and could be great.
With Rockaway Beach it seems like they can put it on but maybe not sell the festival out (of tickets that is) and DiS types want something like that but more along the lines of ATP lineups.
It’s a shame something can’t bridge that gap.


Went to Rockaway beach the year before last (as my stag do, ladzzzz etc) - it was fun but woefully undersold and the lineup focused too heavily on reformed 90s acts like St Etienne rather than much that was new or interesting which is what appealed to me about ATP.


Was that the Suede one?
Agreed pretty solid lineup but nothing to get the pulse racing and very ‘UK 90s’ lineups.
Reckon Mogwai would have the clout to put on another weekender if they fancied it.


My gut feeling tells me that the kind of event with the kind of bands they were putting on just wasn’t/isn’t financially viable. Even though they were clearly mismanaged, I think the business model itself was flawed and trying to replicate it won’t bring much joy (see: Safe as Milk).

Think Le Guess Who is the closest thing there is to an ATP replacement, in terms of bands, time of year etc., that is actually successful and well run.


This ATP-lite festival is being run in Ireland this weekend. Not many tickets sold I’d say. I’m playing it so I’ll report back.


These guys do the whole indoor festival in a holiday/theme park thing.

Cept it’s in Benidorm rather than Minehead :wink:


“Sex Museum” and “Tokyo Sex Destruction” and “Jacuzzi Boys” and “Moaning”.
Are we sure it’s a music fest? :rofl:


Have fun.


Bon Voyage / sold out audience.


Love a bit of Jimmy Cake, never heard of that festival though. Remember when Electric Picnic was as close as we got to ATP on these shores, I think The Fall played this one too


Ah, the glory days of the EP…


The safe as milk festival was the last attempt to attract the atp audience but it went with obscure acts and was cancelled. Unfortunately the audiences were burned too many times.


Yes I was there too. It felt like it was really close to a great festival but not quite there. Was the perfect nostalgia trip for me and Mr Bright Light- both hate camping, Suede are one of my all time favourites and Saint Etienne his. Surreal seeing the singer from Killing Joke walking around Butlins. There was a lot of random good stuff- Aidan Moffatt doing a talk and showing the film he did, Lee Scratch Perry, Cats Eyes. I don’t think we’d go again though unless there was a must see headliner as we live too far away.


Any truth to the rumours that Barry is now a dyson airblades sales rep?


Holding Rockaway Beach in the second weekend of January can’t be tempting for a lot of people.


Probs reduced overheads a lot hiring Butlins on that weekend though


I also miss ATP