Songs about Mental Health

Posting a few below. Sometimes, especially in really tough times, I respond to music better than anything else. Thought a list of songs that can help with this would be a good idea

Could have picked a plethora of songs by CSH…I really like the line “Hangovers feel good when I know it’s the last one. Then I feel so good that I have another one” from the son “(Joe gets kicked out of school)…” but that song is more about drugs.

Expecting plenty of emo ITT

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A song by the singer in my old band about mental health. Gets me every time.

Thread delivers, that’s stunning. Kozelek’s vocals are much higher in the mix than I expected.

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Everything makes me nervous
And nothing feels good for no reason
Waking up, it’s rarely worth it
The same dark dread every morning
Senior year here in Mahwah
A new world just around the corner
Leave me behind, let me stagnate
In a fortress of solitude
Smoking’s been okay so far
But I need something that works faster
So all I want for Christmas is no feelings
No feelings now and never again!


That is not the version of I see a Darkness that I remember…though I’m not very well up on my BPB. Don’t think Angel Olsen features in the album version either…

WWE wrestler Randy Orton’s theme


tbh I just took the first one from youtube.

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Just caught me off guard, more of a country rocker. This is what I’m used to:

The very slight key change upon him singing “I see a darkness” is the bit I always remember


Loads of Songs:Ohia songs could fit the bill but Ring the Bell has always been my favourite.

I tried to explain why on my blog ages ago. Gonna just JAG that here as it’s one of the few things I’ve written about mental health that I think almost captures something.


Ah yeah me too, looks like the other version of off some later EP. I should listen before posting!

link or it didn’t happen

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I feel like there’s probably a Dismemberment Plan song about such things, but my brain isn’t working very well right now!

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it’s from an EP where he re-recorded old songs in a happy way

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