Spotify grief - offline albums keep deleting

Any other Spotify users on android?

Ever boot the app and find all your offline albums/playlists have been conveniently deleted from your phone memory?

Really FUCKING annoying isn’t it?

Anybody got a solution? The spotify forum seems to go nowhere.

I’ve got a moto g4.

Yeah. I use Google Play Music instead.

Any trouble with that?

I use that to play my MP3 albums but not stream. Will move if this happens again.

None whatsoever.

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Yeah. Will move if it happens again.

Only thing I’m dreading is ‘following’ all the artists I like again or whatever they call it on Google Play

Yeah, I’m on android but don’t have this problem yuggy. Have set spotify storage to the external SD card and it just seems to work fine. Are yours already stored there or on the internal storage?

I don’t have this problem but would like to whinge about them getting rid of add to up next on web player.

Oh that’s a point. I used to have this problem until I “went-SD”. There’s your fix, then!

Sometimes my wife puts cds in the wrong boxes, does this count?

Do it in the bug reporting forum, you’ll usually get support and all their suggestions dont work they’ll investigate further :slight_smile:

I’ve started keeping it in offline mode unless it’s specifically downloading something, it’s been a lot more reliable since then

I use an SD card :slight_smile:

I’ve had this, except often they aren’t really deleted. As soon as you hit ‘download’ again they’re back instantly

mine sometimes get completely removed from my SD card. I sometimes get the illusion of having them deleted but they are actually still there, which is also annoying but less so.

most annoying this week is that they’ve changed the web based player to some utterly function-less new design. right annoying. I’ve had to start using it on an old version of IE to use the old web player.

Got so annoyed with the scrobbler not working with Spotify on my iPhone - couldn’t find any fix for it

Had to say goodbye to

does the spotify app on iphone not let you scrobble directly?

it actually seems to be working all of a sudden

had some 3rd party scrobble app (iscrob) that I think cocked it up

Seem to recall this originally made @plasticniki move to Google Play from Spotify.

I’m back on Spotify now but I still have massive issues (mainly being slow to load). The album deletion seems to be okay since I changed my SD card (again).

This was happening to me. Eventually worked out that it was happening when Bluetooth was switched on.