Stereolab. An appreciation and discussion thread

Ooh ooh, do Sonic Youth now!


And Belfast too :smile:

Velocity Girl and Madder Rose would be my picks if I had 90s band reformation powers.


Madder Rose! Particularly those first 2 albums.


SVG3 Galvanizers. Never been so can’t comment further.

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I know they are slight oddities but it would be nice if they could do vinyl issues of Oscillons and ABC music. Seems wrong not to have Stereolab on vinyl.

I’ve only heard Dots & Loops and Emperor Tomato Ketchup. I listen to both fairly regularly, but for some reason have never gone beyond these.
This thread has reminded me to rectify immediately so am diving straight into Mars Audiac Quintet.

Pro tip - the Charles Long mini LP is perfection.

Am really excited that they’re back, gonna snap up Glasgow tickets tomorrow on the presale and will probably buy all the Vinyl reissues too.
Amazing band with such a rich discography and so hard to pick a favourite album, I really like Transient in the early stuff and Sound Dust in the later stuff but they just haven’t made a bad record!

So, I first heard about them in the early 90s. A group I knew called themselves Super Electric, and I had heard them on John Peel a couple of times. I got into their first EPs, LPs etc. and quickly fell in love. One of the first bands I have been massively into.

I saw them a couple of time, Hull in a tiny venue and Roland Gift was there, and Nottingham. Both times were amazing, Hull gig was probably 93 as they were touring Transient. Still my favourite LP.

Live, they were superb, one of those bands who expand and improve on the records sometimes.

I’ve got a CD of the Charles Long thing with actual Plasticine from the exhibit in the CD case. I remember talking to the gallery owner, or someone who worked there to buy it. There are blobs glued inside the cover. And my gold vinyl ‘Transient’ LP is something I cherish. I flogged off a bit of vinyl in the early 2000s, including quite a bit of Stereolab, but kept this.

I actually went off them a bit. I liked Dots and Loops, and listened to ETK, but I don’t know if my tastes changed, or they did, but it seemed to get a bit too plinky-plonky and lightweight for me. They were always a bit like that, but I dunno…I just haven’t really been paying attention to them. It’s only about 3 or 4 months ago that I heard French Disko for the first time in a while and remembered how amazing they are.

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Tempted by the Glasgow date (since it’s a Saturday and I can travel down) even though was planning to go to Green Man to see them anyway. Never heard of that venue, but it looks like it’s one of the new thingies down by the Clyde.

As for albums, pretty much all are worth a listen - although I never took to Dots and Loops, even though it’s arguably their most popular. Peng! and Chemical Chords are great bookends.

French Disko’s still my favourite song of all time :smiley:

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Your post reminded me that a big part of Stereolab at the time was the pretty obtuse way they’d put their music out, so it felt like you were part of a lovely little secret if you knew about some random single or e.p. they’d put out.

Of the latter albums Margarine Eclipse and Chemical Chords are particularly poppy and tbh I really love them, the songs are just so beautifully constructed but without feeling clinical.

They put out so much music though I think it’s inevitable to have favourite records or periods.

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Have all the presale via the Stereolab website gone?!

Yes. I’ve probably still got the photocopied Lab Reports. Advertising mugs, golf umbrellas, novelty coasters etc. Pretty sure i had some of these but threw them away.

Looks like it :frowning_face:

Just getting ‘tickets not available’ here

Thought they would move fast, but quite surprised they all went in 20mins on presale

****ing hell - I assumed (wrongly) we’d get a few hours to buy them. Had a meeting at work…oh well.

How many tickets they normally sell on presale? I’m hoping I’ll get one tomorrow when they go on general sale.

Was the same with the Limited clear Vinyl reissues. Got an email about them, drove home from work (which is less than 10 mins) and they were all gone!

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Just booked 2 standing tickets in the O2 presale (for London, obviously).