Ten Years of Future of the Left

Long time lurker here, just thought you might want to read my lengthy interview with Falco, in which we discuss ten years of Wales’ finest acerbic noise rockers.


The Past of the Future of the Left.




Ten years of ABSOLUTELY 100% DEFINITELY improvised banter…
Apart from that some v good records

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we’ve got a reputation for being funny and talking between songs, but that’s only because the keyboard’s always fucking broken.


i’m noticing the songs from Plot he mentions people not liking are all ones we’ve discussed on here :smiley: sorry Falco!

really enjoying this piece btw

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This was a fantastic read, thanks for posting it!


Yeah, really good read. I nearly choked on my cornflakes in a laugh/snort when I read this bit:

"They don’t play very much at the moment and he’s training to be a dentist – he will flourish, I just know I don’t want the mad cunt operating on my teeth but that’s only because I’ve shared a hotel room with him. "

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What a great interview, ta very much.

cosmo’s ladder is awful tbf. just not a fan of ‘the plot’ in the slightest, there’s something really wrong with that record.

Beneath The Waves… Is glorious, and i quite like Sheena for some reason, otherwise yes

i do enjoy it but it always felt like an overall step down in quality from the first two, was relieved they picked up again after. some brilliant stuff on it though tbf.

Camp Cappuccino was the one i said was my least favourite but it’s far from bad, i just thought it was a bit expendable and would have been better off on an EP/as a b-side. i do like the riff at the end.

I always jump in to defend Plot. It’s my personal favorite and I really like Cosmos Ladder and Camp Cappuccino. I don’t think they’ve ever done a bad album.

will you at least admit to a knock in the production? i think it sounds awful

Really enjoyable read. I always find it interesting reading about artists opinions on their own albums/ songs. For some reason I also enjoy when there is talk of which songs made an album and which ones didn’t and why.


Plot is my least favourite FOTL album, but Sheena is one of my favourite tracks. Falco does that ‘wall of guitars’ thing really well, as he keeps showing in my favourite Christian Fitness tracks.

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yeah, i’m a big fan of this sort of thing too

I don’t think I really have a good enough ear for these kind of things. It sounds fine to me, I rarely have complaints with production of albums, even ones where others seem to be furious with it.

I will say the vinyl pressing of Plot was messed up (on mine at least) it sounded like Extra Mile pressed the compressed digital files straight to vinyl but the cd and digital versions sounded good, bass sounds immense on alot of that record.

is that live at the garage thing he talked about out yet?