Tennis Thred 2018

I’m always in favour of new threads to stop things getting confusing. Suggested by @anon82218317 and the start of Wimbledon is as good a time as any.

What are the big stories from Day 1? Federer and Serena through easily enough…a win for GB’s Swan and a good effort by Harriet Dart.

I’m going to continue my theme from the last thread and profess my love for Grigor Dimitrov. Currently watching him struggle mentally against Wawrinka…who isn’t as talented but is much less flakey :worried: Also not sure why Stan is the neutral’s favourite on court

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V strongly dispute this

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I’m very much aware that I’m not that well up on tennis…so I’m just going to say I thought Wawrinka was a very combative and mentally tough player…but Dimitrov has the greater shot selection and movement. I certainly wouldn’t say Dimitrov was the better player though, because that’s a different thing

There’s a tennis thread already.

I’ll merge them.

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This was started as the other one was too long?

@anon26275971 Wawrinka’s been injured and has dropped out of the top 250

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Fuck’s sake

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and Stan is taking Dimmy apart at the seams as we speak.

Also FML with my office picking game. So far all my picks are on course to win except bloody Coric and Vandeweghe who’ve both managed to injure themselves during their matches.

Banes of tennis watching:

  1. Two 6’3" blokes with short dark hair playing each other
  2. Two 5’7" women with blonde ponytails playing each other.

Oh FFS Vandeweghe’s just taken a header into the net post to add to everything.

To give context to my Dimitrov fandom; I don’t like to see wasted talent. I think it’s good to see the most entertaining and technical players fulfill their potential (like Halep at the French Open).

You don’t like to see wasted talent and so… you become a Dimitrov fan??

As in…I like to see players with talent fulfill it…so I am most in favour of players who haven’t got there yet

You have a lot of patience. He’s been a waster for the best part of a decade.

Stan on the other hand has squeezed every last drop of talent out of himself, and it’s certainly the equal of Dimitrov’s.

Somehow Vandeweghe managed to win the first set. Bizarre match.

Very harsh

And that’s great and he deserves his titles. Just isn’t what I’m into right now

It really isn’t harsh. It’s been clear for a long time that he isn’t baby Federer. He’s baby Gasquet.

glad murray isn’t there to stink up the tournament.

Ok pal I’m just outlining why I support a particular player

Yeah and I’m aggressively coming back at you in your face about it. Isn’t that the point of sport?


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