Tennis Thred 2018



Except she didn’t.

This is an interesting side effect of this fantasy game I’m in. I now find myself watching matches I would normally sack off when it all starts going south, which is quite instructive. I watched almost all of Mannarino vs Medvedev, which was an intensely boring match. Like the old hacker that he is, Mannarino quickly twigged that if he took pace off the ball and just rallied midcourt then bizarrely Medvedev would join in, and every single time would be the first to make a mistake. And that basically went on for five sets, except for a few spells when he upped the pace, rushed the net or found some sort of angle. All the way through you could hear the exasperation in Peter Fleming’s voice as he constantly suggested that as a plan.

And as for Buzarnescu, well way to completely distract yourself during the crucial phase of play in the biggest match of your career. Frankly quite pathetic to see her raging into her racquet and flouncing around the court when all she needed to do was calm down and continue feeding Pliskova balls to make mistakes with, which she seemed right up for.

That and Keys completely mugging off, today has not been a good advert for tennis to me at least, with the sole exception of Monfils. I’m not doing this game again, no way should I be forced to root for Kevin Anderson to win a slam.


Think Roger and Serena (or at a push Halep) winning the titles is the only way of salvaging this tournament and showing it’s a competition for grown-ups.


Or Edmund I suppose, but… he’s not going to be in it come tomorrow evening is he.


Barty starting today off for me the same way yesterday ended. FML.


Kasatkina currently with four let cord winners, including one to earn her break back point in the first set and one at break point down in the second. Grr.


alison van uytvanck

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Dunno, still think there’s loads of fun and interesting players in Halep’s half of the draw
Bottom half is pretty dull though and really should be Serena’s for the taking


Yeah I’m just being bitter. Hsieh vs Halep is actually quite intriguing.


In terms of our competition I’m actually leading the men’s half and last in the women’s, which to be honest is a fair reflection of my knowledge :smiley:


I think you might have got good odds on seeing tweeners/behind the back shots from both Nadal and Halep today.


I have to be honest, I’m not a fan of these slow conditions. I can appreciate a player like Hsieh (or even Mannarino or Kasatkina) who can land the ball on a sixpence given enough time on the shot, but it seems almost impossible to set up a winner at the moment.

Nadal for the title then.


supposed to be going down to Wimbledon on tuesday after work
never been before so quite excited even if we dont get to see anything good


Late afternoon/evening matches can be great. You’ll see some doubles. You’ll have a great time.


Come on Kyle my son. Keep up the good stuff.


Actually I’ll add to this. When Mrs F treated me to a trip to the US Open final back in 2010 we started off by watching the boy’s final, so I got to see Jack Sock beat Dennis Kudla. A few years later he’s a top pro with a couple of slam doubles titles to his name. So if you get the chance, go and see some of the juniors too, and maybe one day you’ll be able to say you saw a star player when they were just getting started.


Would love it if Kyle can see this set out. He’s doing the business so far.


Impressive way to see out the first set. Push on!


Looks like we might have our first bear-pit Centre Court match of the tournament. Wonder how Nole will handle it.


Moment to treasure there. After an outstanding game to break in the second set, where Edmund did well to come back from 15-40 only to get pipped, in the next game Djokovic booms in a serve, Edmund totally frames the return way up in the air, it lands mid court and Nole smashes it straight into the bottom of the net.

Still one set all. This is where we find out what Kyle is made of.


Edmund is bringing the best out in Djokovic, which is quite the compliment. During the game where he got broken he even managed to silence McEnroe who was busy taking his game apart.

Think this is Nole in four, but Edmund has grit, and I hope he can keep the pressure up. There’s a chance here.