Terrible Festivals - 2020 Edition


EMF (acoustic) - truly what the world has been waiting for…



Can’t imagine Clint Mansell will be turning down Hollywood commissions to do this.

I could sneer at this, but I have actually seen all of PWEI, Jesus Jones, GLC, Miles Hunt and Kingmaker 4AD live in the past 10 years. The TV LOVES a 90s nostalgia show in fairness…

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One of these days, a shine on festival is going to tip over from, ‘that looks ok’ to ‘that actually might be good fun’ and i might try to go.

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I would gladly enjoy the “rave” section of their Minehead weekend, I can’t lie.


Yeah, that’s where it starts, now just a few more top acts and I’m getting tempted

They’ve done a decent job this year tbf: Idlewild, Bob Mould, The Wedding Present etc.
That cruise looks dire though.

There’s some fun to be had with some of those. The two guys left in GLC are a good craic, etc but it does look suspiciously like there will be a lot of old men with acoustic gutars playing also ran hits. Get a quick trip to the dam out of it, though.

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Was saying earlier that if they had the best bits of this years November festival on a ship to Amsterdam for that money I’d be tempted but not with that lineup they have for it.

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Oooh good. It’s the festivals people aren’t keen on thread again.

tbf i’m going to see Babybird next week for the third time in 2 years. and it’ll be fucking brilliant.

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Oh aye the actual weekender is decent but a good bit of faff too.
The cruise is what I think looks dreadful. Proper lads fest vibes.

Looked up Goldie Lookin’ Chain… this has to be a joke, 24 albums? TWENTY FOUR ALBUMS? THREE greatest hits?

Actually really like the first Greatest Hits, some bangers on that


every single one of the albums is a joke Shucks, that’s the point :smiley:

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Early shout for 2022 edition.


The only good thing about this is finally living my dream of seeing a supergroup of Ringo Starr, Roger Daltrey, Bruce Dickinson, Matt Bellamy and Som Wardner.

Not for me this: