The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



is the remake pretty much the exact same but in English, never actually bothered with that?


it’s shot for shot apparently, never bothered with it. no possible way that michael pitt can be as creepy as the original kid.


i’ll probably give it another go if they ever release a proper UK version of the haneke bluray box. the french version has english subtitles for like 75% of the films on it, well annoying but kind of almost worth it.


I remember Mark Kermode ranting about Funny Games along these lines in one of his books.


alright eric we know you have a blu-ray player!!


i would marry a bluray if i weren’t already married


bit presumptuous mate


This is Empire’s top 20 films of 2017:

  1. Get Out
  2. Blade Runner 2049
  3. La La Land
  4. Moonlight
  5. The Death of Stalin
  6. Dunkirk
  7. God’s Own Country
  8. Logan
  9. The Handmaiden
  10. Call Me By Your Name
  11. The Big Sick
  12. Thor: Ragnarok
  13. Paddington 2
  14. War for the Planet of the Apes
  15. Manchester by the Sea
  16. Baby Driver
  17. Raw
  18. The Florida Project
  19. The Lost City of Z
  20. Mother!


Not an entirely terrible list, although mother! was clearly included for lols.


Some good films, some bad films and some ok films in that list.


At least we’ll have seen these films, when all the US lists and Sight and Sound’s list come out it’ll be mainly stuff we can’t see here for 1-6 months!


I’d sooner watch Mother! again over Baby Driver.


Ditto that. Load of shite that fucking film was. The most baffling level of acclaim I can remember for a thing.


John Waters’ films of the year has lots of good stuff (and oh look what’s number 1 FFS) - can only assume he picked Tom of Finland because it had lots of willy in it because boy that film was boring.

  1. Baby Driver (dir. Edgar Wright)
  2. I, Olga Hepnarová (dirs. Petr Kazda, Tomáš Weinreb)
  3. The Strange Ones (dirs. Christopher Radcliff, Lauren Wolkstein)
  4. Nocturama (dir. Bertrand Bonello)
  5. Wonderstruck (dir. Todd Haynes)
  6. Graduation (dir. Christian Mungiu)
  7. The Wizard of Lies (dir. Barry Levinson)
  8. Lady Macbeth (dir. William Oldroyd)
  9. Wonder Wheel (dir. Woody Allen)
  10. Tom of Finland (dir. Dome Karukoski)


Oh excellent, there’s a new Todd Haynes film on the way.


Not out here until April though


One False Move: Bill Paxton is excellent as the cowboy cop, Billy Bob Thornton seemed completely deranged. Liked how the cops from the city didn’t respect Paxton much, but he proved to be better than both of them combined. Brutal ending as well. Enjoyed it though.

Logan: Best X-Men film I’ve seen - loads of action, some great tension, loads of sad moments though and the humour was weird and jarring in places, but it worked? Sort of? The girl was insanely good/terrifying. I read somewhere she improvised certain bits as well, nice work.

Get Hard: Really not good. About 3 laughs? Dunno, quite like Kevin Hart and Ferrell is a bit hit and miss in things. This was just a half-baked idea that would have fitted a 30 minute episode of something, not a film.


If moonlight is being counted as a 2017 film then it is very comfortably the best film of the year


I imagine all UK lists (plus most of our lists if we do them) will count films by UK release date, so yeah it’s 2017 for our purposes