The Best Guitar Solos Of All Time!



Fucking hate guitar solos, so none of them.


Am I allowed to give a serious answer?


Of course


Aye, lets. Guitar solos rule!

Obviously, this.

Always loved the weird swelling buzzsaw solo in Cruel as well


Thanks. As you’ve probably seen in the Mellon Collie hot takes thread I’m not a fan of solos that are just there for the guitarist to show off his technical skills. I like it when they actually add something to the song. I feel John Frusciante I very good at this and I particularly like the solo in I Could Have Lied.


Damn, forgot that song existed. That was one of the solos I learned back when I was learning to play guitar. Blast from the past!


I think my favourite solo is the one in Nirvana’s Milk It


My serious answer is this:

Because it’s the perfect balance of technically cool but also really nicely phrased and not over the top.

Or this:

Because it is a bit over-the-top widdly widdly but it kind of keeps ramping up and is amazing.


I like nick zimmer’s guest solo on bright eyes down a rabbit hole for its mangling of one note, dinosaur he’s raisans more expressive than any vocals, the ridiculous one on tales of a scorched earth, and the aforementioned milk it. Guitar solos can be great but are mostly pointless


Prince is one of the few who can indulgently shred and keep it tasteful


in accordance with everything else Prince did during his lifetime


i thought everyone agreed that it’s that prince once where he throws his guitar in the air at the end and it never comes down?


Don’t know the exact answer but it is probably something John Frusciante did


Any of the solos that don’t involve Billy Corgan


@JMascis to thread


I love his solos in the song Get Me. It seems like the sort of over-the-top thing you’d hate but it’s just incredible


Enjoyed Jonny Greenwood’s solos when he still did them.


YouTube says it’s this


Most recently enjoyed his effortless soloing even on this interview


Old Slow Hands