The Boo Radleys

…are back. Not in pog form.

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The first few seconds song like the start of a track on MBV

It also looks like Martin Carr is not involved, which after his TERF-y comments a few months back might be a blessing.

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There was a festival date announced a while back (festival probably got cancelled?) but with a slightly strange name because Martin wasn’t involved so maybe Martin has given them permission to use the name, which would be good of him.

Shame to hear about Martin’s comments. He always seemed like a decent guy but has obviously struggled to make a living in music so I hope he hasn’t just ended up bitter and angry. Can’t see the point of the boos’ without him tbh.

Honestly have no idea why Carr is so dead against doing anything with the band, as far as I’m aware there’s no bad vibes between them. At the very least a few gigs must be enticing?
But fair play.

At glastonbury '99 they used to blast out wake up boo every morning at some ungodly hour through the campsite PA.

Never liked them before but there was no coming back after that.


Steve Lamacq playing the new single by the Boo Radleys

A few years back he tried to get Sice to reform but Sice was against it - think he just wanted to get on with his new career. Really weird Martin isn’t up for it now,

I think i have been watching too much ‘Dark’ on Netflix…

but what year is it?

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didn’t know about that! Feel a bit like if it’s not going to happen now it probably won’t ever happen. sadly.

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I was following him on Twitter at the time. Said he’d even written a full album of new material.

Didn’t Martin Carr write the songs? If he’s not back then it’s not really the Boo Radleys.


Martin is supporting The Charlatans on their upcoming tour. I seem to recall him recently stating that they didn’t consult him about the Sice Boo and the Radleys thing, and that he was fine with that. So I’m guessing that although Sice wasn’t up for it a few years back, it’s Martin that isn’t now.

Looked at Twitter and the two “sides” still appear to be in friendly contact.

Pretty much was the band wasn’t he.

It seems a bit like Depeche Mode without Martin Gore.


I doubt this is a very fashionable thing to say, but I fucking loved the Boo Radleys so much. I probably overdid Giant Steps and Wake Up so don’t listen to them much any more, but I still think about them from time to time. In particular, recently keep meaning to listen to Everything’s Alright Forever again.

Was pretty surprised to hear there was a new song coming, and wondered if there was enough interest on here for a thread. Of course this place never disappoints. :smiley:

Not sure what to make of the song on 1st listen- it seemed pleasant enough, given they are the main man down. Possibly a little throwaway, but hopefully not. Will definitely be giving the EP a few goes out when it arrives. (Is the whole EP out tomorrow or just the one song from it?)

Feel weirdly happy to have them back in whatever form they’re in. Giant Steps soundtracked a big change in my life when I’d just left home with no job in a foreign place. A mate had given me tapes of this and Stone Roses which I’d never bothered with, but was totally hooked by both when I finally got round to it.

Wake Up soundtracked a slightly shit holiday in Dublin, but I still have fond memories of it all the same.

Although Wake up boo is a good song, I always felt it cheapened what I thought of them. It was a bit too Dodgy for my liking. It’s Lulu was worse. But the rest of the album is so damn good.


I just can’t get enough of that idea.

I’m sure I listened to a Martin Carr solo album that wasn’t very inspiring a few years ago. But could never get excited by a Boo Radleys solo project for some reason. Can’t even remember if I ever bothered with Eggman.

I’m sure there was one on the old boards. Seem to remember a big discussion about the quality of their B-Sides but maybe that was somewhere else.

Joining the uncool club … I think c’mon kids is an outstanding album and one of my favourites…

Will be listening to the new stuff…