The "find a gig buddy" thread

A friendly thread for you to post about gigs that you don’t have anyone to go to with, when you would like some company. There’s enough dissers out there that go to things and also plenty of people that have to end up going alone when they’d rather not - so why not set them up! Blind dates for indie gig snobs, if you will :fist_right: :fist_left:

(Obviously solo gigging is perfectly fine, this is just an alternative for people to explore)

Please include the band, city, venue and date in your post so we can have some semblance of order :sunglasses:


Atm I’m on my tod for girl band at Manchester academy 2 on 02/11/2019

Foxing tomorrow (although will be with others now)


this is a great idea


Possibly going to Rolling Blackouts, London tomorrow night by myself

Drab majesty, soft kill, kaelan mikla, and Jeffrey Lewis if anyone wants any awkward stilted conversation

I live in mid-wales and head down to Cardiff for gigs. Give me a shout if you also do the same! Could share a lift. Indie and rock mainly.


If anyone else here is in New York give me a shout, go to a fair few gigs solo

I’m seeing Pram and Deerhunter ere in Birmingham at some point this year

I would just like to say I think this is a wonderful idea. Thanks @JaguarPirate! :blush:


Thanks! I’ve been meaning to make this thread for literally years as I bail on so many Glasgow gigs because of not having people to go with - and too lazy to go alone. Glad I finally got round to it :slight_smile:

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Awesome idea @JaguarPirate! Cardiffian here. Flying solo to

Refused/Thrice @ Bristol Academy
Jeffrey Lewis @ Cardiff Clwb ifor Bach
Possibly The National @ Cardiff CIA

if anyone wants a pint and/or chinwag (or chinwag would suggest pint and NO CHAT and if that’s your bag, can do that too)

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technically i always have Christ by my side


@Rolley1982 @jeffpistachiomagnum i sometimes do Cardiff as well. Didnt go to Cloud nothings last week despite having a ticket as i just couldnt be arsed to go on my own. Not so bad if support are decent as it keeps me occupied but 9:45pm ko last week and 2 hours to kills before didnt appeal!

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Nice thread mate. Really good idea

Can totally understand this and used to do the same.

Gradually became accustomed to it when I moved round the corner from the Oxford Zodiac/O2 academy and used to dive in and out for various things.

Yeah I’ve done it in Edinburgh enough now so I don’t mind doing local ones. But the scene here is pretty dead and a two hour commute to a gig alone ain’t all that appealing usually hah

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Also eying up tickets for Jeffrey Lewis and The National - will keep you posted!

@Jimouthargyle also went to the Cloud Nothings show too (partially for the support band Human Heat) but didn’t want to cough up the cash on the day. Definitely around for shows in the future so always feel free to drop us a DM :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah this is the same faff when I go to Bristol. Tend to drive too as I’m too old to risk missing the last train these days :grimacing:

@WizardLizard for sure let me know! Haven’t caught up with the last few Jeff albums but his shows have always been so much fun in the past. Weighing up The National gig as the last album hasn’t quite settled with me but I’m sure the gig will be spectacular still.

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Never seen either so I think that’s the appeal for me - not been to a bad show at Clwb either! The pricetag and the mixed reviews of the Motorpoint is holding me off The National show atm plus I’m not really sold on Easy to Find either, personally much preferred Sleep Well Beast (though it seems I’m in the minority on this)…

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