The Go! Team

Hahaha just got to the end he criticises them for not writing about brexit hahaha

This review is even worse, the closing analogy they use is ridiculous:

enjoyed this

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Looks like they found the band members they needed after all


Have a spare ticket for Glasgow tomorrow, just looking for a token contribution, shout if interested

now going free

Class gig in Glasgow last night, even though maki’s mic wasn’t working for most of it :worried:

they got the audience to do the starsign bit :heart:

Cracking gig at the Electric Ballroom last night. First time seeing them too. Ninja is a fantastic frontwoman, so much energy! They looked like they were having a great time throwing themselves across the stage and they got the crowd moving too. Mild complaint that I would have enjoyed another song or two from Rolling Blackouts. Song highlight was probably Huddle Formation.

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Aw was really proud of “Maki” last night. Been bandmates for years and I’ve not got round to seeing her do the Go Team yet (or Joefin Orhn yet either!) but was great seeing her be all happy rather than moody and screamy, ha! She’s the best musician I know, honoured to be in a band with her.


They did HF on the mercury awards when they were nominated, with a full team of cheerleaders too - a highlight of live music on tv for me.


That’s what got me in to them in the first place!


Made every one of their gigs a tiny bit disappointing though due to lack of cheer squad.

Picked up this beauty last week, Think I’ll get it framed and put it up in my new flat :grinning:


New song (not sure if it’s the bonus track on the Japan release of Semicircle)

I think they confirmed that it was the Japan bonus track. Who knew that Japanese bonus tracks were still a thing?

Kero kero Bonito also release a Japanese bonus track on their debut

Didn’t they used to be a thing because the Japanese currency rate was so bad that it was cheaper to import cds from abroad, so the Japanese record companies added extra tracks to make the domestic releases more attractive?


Added to Great Escape festival for those interested.

New single based around a flute hook.