The Great DiS Multiplayer Thread

Basically a topic for you to post multiplayer games you are currently playing and extending invites out to the fine folks of DiS to fill out their party who can use this thread to find parties of people for games you’re currently playing or planning to buy - this isn’t really intended to be a real time thing (as thats really hard to co-ordinate) but more of a long term thing like right now

(These are also the first ‘ads’) so to speak

Overwatch (Platform: PC)
Currently have a regular party of 4 including @harru
if you’d like to join in for some games down the line let me know and I’ll PM you details
We tend to play between 4 - 9pm GMT no set days (just when people feel like)

Battlefield 1 (Platform:PC)
Currently have a party of 4 including @harru
if you’d like to join in for some games down the line let me know and I’ll PM you details
Same as Overwatch though we haven’t started a BF1 session just yet but intend to start soon let us know if you’re up for it


@vamos’ posts in the gaming thread are tempting me to fire up Titanfall 2 again


Up for this anytime you like! Though it would likely need to be a Fri-Sun night, as servers seem quieter on weekdays and taking a game takes aggggeeessss

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Worms on Switch

  • keen

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Apex Legends (Platform: PC, but it has crossplay)
Currently play solo but I’m fucking terrible at it so you’re probably better off, on average, by not playing with me

Fortnite (Platform: PC or Switch, but crossplay again)
Mostly play with Dr Mrs Epimer. I’m not great at this but better than at Apex at least.

DOTA 2 (Platform: PC)
If you don’t know what this is, for the love of god save yourself and don’t get into it

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I love that you basically wrote 3 reasons why people shouldn’t play with you…

I installed dota…

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I mean, I know me.

Now is probably the simultaneously best and worst time to get into DOTA, because the cartoon is on Netflix from today so if there’s going to be an influx of new players, it’s now.

I get weird anxiety from online gaming. None of my IRL friends play vidya, so I’d always have to play against strangers, and for some reason I just hate the idea.

Like I’ve wanted to play RDR2 online for a while because I enjoyed that world so much, and doing new missions and things and roaming around with a posse would be fun. I load it up every few months and then remember I stopped at the first mission where you’re forced to link up with some other IRL people and just nope out of it because I don’t want to be paired up with someone I don’t know and either a) screw things up or b) have it turn out they’re a massive racist or something.

Is it just me that feels like this?

  • I feel anxious about online gaming with strangers
  • Fine with online gaming with strangers and you are an old man who can’t move with the times

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I can’t play with people I never interacted with before unless I’m drunk or exceptionaly good at the game

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I really like battlefield 1 online but I’ve only got it on the ps4

Monster Hunter World (PC)

I only really play this at the minute. Not sure why. I’m on at irregular times, often late at night while a bit tipsy, but you have a monster that you can’t take down…and no one else can help…if you can find me…I might be of some use.

This is one reason I love Monster Hunter - it’s all co-op and I’ve had maybe one negative interaction in like 150 hours of play. 4 of us turn up, we kill a monster together, we maybe do a bit of healing each other if necessary, we exchange thumbs up stickers, we go our separate ways. Anti-social social gaming bliss.

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There are a couple of games that manage to nurture good communities. Monster Hunter World is one of them. Final Fantasy 14 was another

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Aside from feeling awkward about interacting with strangers, I don’t want to expose myself to misogynistic abuse or this kind of thing:

Urgh, that’s grim :frowning_face:


I mainly play Fortnite. PS4 but crossplay. Normally online from 10-11. I’m jontosh2001 on PSN and Fortnite

Never got reported for my Lalafell being called Bumsnogger :+1:


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Oh no its going to happen isn’t it

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