The Handmaid's Tale

Anyone else watch the TV show last night?

neh don’t think i can be arsed with it. any good?

Yes really good. They shot it like a horror film. They released three episodes at once yesterday, and the rest will be on each Weds.

What internet things is this on? Just Hulu? Netflicks?

Just Hulu. Officially.

Time to fire up the alluc!

i’ve read it and seen the film version, and it’s not my favourite of hers tbh :confused:

edit: elisabeth moss is cool though

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Keep conflating this with The Handmaiden and calling both of them The Handmaiden’s Tale.

Will endeavour to watch both…

The tv show blows the film version out of the water. They’ve also expanded the stories of some of the other women like Moira and Offglen in a way that really works as well.


I have a weird relationship with dystopian drama

books are ALWAYS more powerful than the film in the sense that no director can concretise on screen the deep & infinite abstract fear in my head - having said that there is always the absolutely fascinating spectacle of someone else’s interpretation of those fears presented in a visual medium

it’s been a while since I read Handmaid’s Tale too but I really have trouble with specifically the idea of that book being sold as a form of mass on-screen entertainment because for me the experience of the one on one relationship with the words on the page was/is so totally essential to understanding Offred’s story & state of mind and being able to place oneself inside a totally believable nightmare

so, in sum - might re-read the book

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yeah the film has a lot of problems, was a shame because i thought parts of it looked great

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I think the problem with the film was the way they emphasised the relationship with the chauffeur too much and seemed to try to turn it into a romance story.

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Thaaaaaat’s hollywood!


Is the book actually good?

Studied it for English AS-level, and it felt like any subtlety in the imagery or actual enjoyment of the book was obliterated by the time it came to underlining references to eggs for the 100th time. Like, it could be really good, but I have no idea.

And the epilogue, set in Denay, Nunavut: DENY NONE OF IT, GUYS.


it’s definitely one of her most heavy-handed

You know what’s ridiculous, this is getting covered in UK papers and websites, and yet, as of now, there is no legal way for people in the UK to watch it. Great work on fighting piracy, studio execs.


can we not hulu here?

Might check this out later. Only read the book a couple of years back and enjoyed it, much preferred it to Atwood’s later stuff (Oryx and Crake, for example).

Not without a VPN, I think.

That soundtrack! Is fucking awful and completely kills the mood. The end of episode songs especially. I don’t get what they were hoping to achieve by pumping out Simple Minds. Cheapens it.

Other than that, I am quite enjoying it, even though i’m not a fan of the book.