The Pixies in 2019

So I see that Pixies are playing a 30th anniversary Surfer Rosa show for 5 nights at The Roundhouse. One of my favourite albums of all time, and one of the dates is my birthday.

But… it’s Pixies in 2018, minus Kim Deal, and a bit naff.

I shouldn’t get tickets for this should I?

pixies minus kim deal is not pixies imho



My love of the album, and the feeling of nostalgia that goes with it, initially sparked my interest. However, I’ve just checked and tickets are £50. I’m not spending that much to go and see what feels like a glorified covers band.


They were still decent live when I saw them in an indoor venue a few years ago (I’ve seen them outdoors twice since and it’s been missing something though)

i’m somewhat amazed they can do 5 nights in 2018

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I felt the same, but the TV sent me a message saying “you’re not busy on 2nd Nov are you?” (it’s my birthday soon) so I think I am going. And I’m quite excited tbqh, never been around when Kim was in Pixies but seen them a few times. And seeing Vamos fast and slow will be :fire: I think

no kim = no deal


I’d steer well clear

(kim) deal or no deal


a roof?


fucking kasabian strike again


It might be fun but it’ll be full of 6 Music pensioners who pretended to like them in 1988 when they were really into Jason Donovan, Bros and Fairground Attraction


Not entirely sure what a 6 music pensioner is - but I very probably am one.

They weren’t that exciting a live prospect the first time around. So I can only imagine how dull they’d be now.

Don’t get me wrong, they were a great band but they were pretty static and said very little on stage in the early 90s. Sure Joey would smash up his guitar towards the end of the set but other than that it was usually like listening to the records.

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Having decided to bin them off, a mate had a spare ticket on the night for their Head Carrier tour at Brixton Academy the other year so I nipped down to catch them live. Enjoyed it way more than I expected to - Paz Lenchantin* is a good addition to the band.

That said…for nostalgia gigs like this it’s a bit of a different proposition to seeing a current recording band touring their new material (which, while a fair few levels below their original run is still listenable for my money). No Kim leaves a massive hole in anything off Surfer Rosa. Not sure I’d go to this even if a ticket magically appeared on the night again.

[*Kim Mk II was really good too when I saw them tour with her - certainly brought a lot of energy to their live show :+1:]

is she the one that got fired for crowdsurfing?


she is, yeah

sounds like she brought too much energy mirite!


Indeed :neutral_face:

Yeah she was with them the time that I saw them that they were great. I like Paz a lot but the two times I’ve seen them with her have been less exciting, but i think it’s mainly that I’m not sure they suit big outdoor shows.