The video to Ava Adore


D’Arcy’s lip synching always looks weird though.


Playthrough when filming is always about double speed/she was probably high on something hence the weirdness


Seriously the greatest live band ever, no one else even comes close. Other bands will focus on matching the album exactly or do some reworking of some songs, but what he does is something else altogether. Something just seems to come over him when he plays certain songs and you can see and hear all of the frustration and anger he’s ever felt in his life come to the surface, and then suddenly he’s screaming and shredding with a look on his face like he wants to bury every single person in attendance.

I’ll refrain from posting the 30 minute Silverfucks, but here’s a high quality starting concert for anyone interested. I’ve never seen him in such a good mood. Those deranged screams he does before transitions and solos on the heavier songs are so good.


i’ve seen them a few times but have always been a bit disappointed with them, but I think I just missed out on their peak. First time I saw them was when they were previewing adore at shepards bush, then again at the dominion theatre previewing machina, then their ‘final’ wembley show in 2000. Each time they would play songs I didn’t know, and the old ones they would reinterpret in really frustrating drawn out ways. probably the best time I saw them was a couple of years ago with that weird RATM/Killers line up because they just played the songs.

But from watching a lot of youtube I know I just missed the boat slightly with them, they seemed incredible right up until they lost Jimmy, then you can visibly see Billy lost enthusiasm, I guess he knew their ascent was over. But when they were on form I totally agree, that disarm performance I posted up thread is incredible, the way he tears the chords out of his guitar, snarls the lyrics, and then drifts off into his own world, don’t think I’ve seen anything else like it


i’ve really got back into them recently, was surprised to find out the machina era was actually really good, just wasn’t properly realised because of lack of record company support (seems bizarre as mellon collie was so big you think there would have been marketing opportunities in a return to the double rock album).

if they had just released these acoustic demos it would have been at least as good as adore

this video tries to piece together what machina was about, it is a lot more interesting than it gets credit for

live studio machina era performance


Machina came out right when i was getting into them so i was pretty into it. Pretty messy overall but some great stuff on it and it sounds massive.

Just remembered Auf Der Maur as well, ha.


I forgot she had her own project, she is a pretty luck person ‘wanna be in hole?’ ‘yeah alright’ ‘wanna be in the smashing pumpkins?’ ‘yeah alright’

kristen pfaff/d’arcy forever


Yeah, Machina was incredible and it’s a shame we’re never going to hear it as he intended. He was in the middle of one of his absolutely insane creative streaks, but between the industry turning on him and the non-Jimmy half of the band checking out entirely, that was that. “Wound” is probably my favorite song he’s ever done.

Also, the tuned down version of Zero from that tour was unbelievable, hearing it live was like getting hit by a truck.

I wish more people knew about the Machina Acoustic Demos. Drives me nuts how so many people view the band as a middle of the road, mid-tempo angsty 90s singles band.


It’s a shame the reissues stopped at adore, I think they were going to do a proper machina I/II but read there is some legal issue, wonder if it is someone at their label just dead against it in 2000 and is still putting their foot down now


Nah, legal issues is bullshit, he got thenrights back in 2011 i believe. I guess he got paranoid that he may actually fulfil a promise and complete a project he announced so decided to can it to maintain his winning streak of never finishing/releasing stuff he promises (djali zwan, chicago songs, final metro show, oceania bsides + abbey road mix, teargarden project, pregish vinyl demos, day 4 night album, towers of rabble studio recording, machina reissue, american roadtrip album, 50 songs project…sure im missing some!!)


I like how he released the tear garden box set box before the music, that was particularly optimistic of him


Yeah a fucking boxset for a 4 song cd and shitty obelisk…guy’s a nut


He releases that 5 hour $400 siddartha boxset that no one wants (or bought) but refuses to release machina.
Part of the oringal pumpkins magic was the treasure trove of extra material that trickled out both officially and in fan bootlegs that helped to expand the myth whilst creating a much richer back catalogue. Since the “reunion” its been slim pickings both with albums AND extra material…no bsides/bootlegs/demos at all from teargarden/oceania/monuments and coz he has no idea how to edit he usually leaves a load of gold offhis records…could have a vault full of redeeming songs that we will never hear coz hes too busy writing wrestling anthems and teashop jamz


Rant over…


I watched the Zwan bonus DVD on YouTube, it’s annoying as their was stuff on that that sounded a lot better than the album


Jesus, i forgot about Zwan.


Zwan could have been awesome but Corgan only recorded the naffest, tackiest shit for the album…idiot


this is ace yes :smiley: this is with the siamese dream boxset isn’t it? i’ve started watching this a few times just wanting to check out a couple of songs then end up watching the whole thing!


i thought billy mentioned that there was going to be a swan related reissue as well (post machine reissue)…with a load of the other songs that never saw the light of day. or did i make that up/was this the djali zwan thing?


No he did say that…but he hates the other members of zwan so wont put out a boxset just in case they get a royalty cheque/due credit/corgan keeps his word on a project…