The White Album - 50th anniversary reissue

Looking forward to hearing the 13 minute Helter Skelter take.

its actually the worst Beatles album this one I think

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Does anyone know if this is the first time it’s been re-issued?

It’s been reissued to mark anniversaries before (and in 2009 when they did reissued all the Beatles albums), but this is the first time there’s been a reissue with extra content etc I think

I am always interested in alternate versions / takes and how parts of songs very familiar to me are put together. Actually going out and purchasing it though - nah.

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You genuinely think With the Beatles is a better album than the White Album? Just some half decent fluffy pop songs.

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I wonder what Paul thinks, it’s a bit expensive this box isn’t it Paul? Does anybody really need 6 discs of extras?



Certainly the most overrated.


Jesus Christ.


This album has the two best Beatles songs on it.

Boring Boring Beatles. They should reform and record new stuff instead of re-badging something from 50 years ago.


Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da twice?

dear prudence and?


Back In The USSR and Helter Skelter. Thanks for playing.

I genuinely assumed that one would be While My Guitar Gently Weeps as that seems to be the standard indiepoints choice…

Has the best George Harrison song on it too

Intrigued by Good Night’s previously-unheard additional takes. Shame that Lennon’s original guide vocal/demo was (apparently) wiped.

Not my favourite by a long stretch, but might be sucked in by the 164-page album note booklet.

No love for Long, Long, Long in this thread btw?

Yeah this isn’t remotely true is it.

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