The Xbox and Game Pass Thread ❎

Yeah fair enough. I guess it is all pretty cramped. Need to remember that my default position of basically having my nose pressed against my monitor is perhaps not typical (or healthy, probably)

That makes sense as the ideal tv size 12 feet away is 80inches (though thats for ideal percieved picture quality) but 12 feet to 42 inch tv is a lot regardless (the ideal is 6 foot according to rtings)

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Woah, what? How close is everyone sitting to their TV?

Just went to sign up to Game Pass again to play Monkey Island. Dang, it’s Series consoles only.

Listing the Xbox One X on eBay later. Really wish the Series S had an optional disc drive, as I’d buy one in a heartbeat to play my boxed 360 and One games.

Think I might have to bite the bullet on a Series X soon. I can get a discount through my partner’s work - but what sucks is there’s next to fuck all upcoming exclusives that interest me. C’mon Xbox.

Edit: given that my Xbox is basically a Halo and 360 machine. Maybe… Nah… Maybe I should just get another 360 and wait a year for Series X to hopefully get some bangers.

I sit around 12 feet away from my 65" and everything looks bloody good. Wouldn’t go any bigger in a room my size because that would be insane. Started Somerville last night and didn’t have any issues, but am aware I need to check my privilege. Also never understand when people moan about certain films/series being too dark, but again, I’m a lucky boy with my lovely telly.

MI is available on cloud isn’t it?

You can play using Cloud Gaming, which I think would work on the Xbox One X, or do they prevent Series games playing over the cloud on those consoles?

It works on my phone, so should work on the one x. Obviously depends on Internet speeds though

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fine fine fine ill get a new fucking telly, everyone calm the fuck down

seriously though; it is something that i notice a lot. like, in Halo the HUD for the grenades that is at the bottom right is utterly useless for me.

I’ve tried that. Cloud Gaming is unplayable on my coastal internet. Not even worth it.

Don’t really like the input lag and variable image quality either.

Would be interesting to see what they use as the benchmark when playtesting these things these days. I’ll often be playing something and comment I’d be screwed on a smaller tv. They must do some market research on what the majority of people are using, but I can’t believe they think everyone’s on a 65 incher.

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ah that’s frsutrating. sorry.

well, if you can wait there might be some black friday deals on series S’ soon mind, and even Series Xs

i think my tv is like 43 inches or something but i generally sit on the floor like 3 feet from it when gaming, find sitting ‘far’ away really hard to see intricate things/affects my reaction time



When im gaming? Typically arojnd 4 to 5feet

I moss a lot of om screen queues and suck balls at multilayer otherwise

Wow, Somerville is such a good looking game that runs awful haha

I’m glad I’m not the only one who sits square in front of the TV on the floor when gaming

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I have 40 inches and put my armchair directly in front of the TV to play games/watch my own shows. The sofa feels so far away!


Rolled credits on Somerville.

What the fuck was that all about in the end then?