The Xbox and Game Pass Thread ❎

Vampire Survivors is basically Undead Geometry Wars

So addictive


It’s a brilliant podcast listening game!

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I kinda love my little Series S as a browse lots of stuff Gamepass console. And it’s so small and quiet. It’s lush.

But I do keep having pangs of regret that I didn’t get an X, so I could get hold of loads of old classics I missed on disc that you now can’t buy. Mainly Outrun 2 tbh

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My Series S is not much bigger than the Wii that it sits next too. So gorgeous.

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Well, if it’s any consolation, outrun 2 isn’t backwards compatible as far as I know. Always remember to check the list.


Listed my One X. Held onto my 360 games and my copies of Gears 5 and Forza Horizon 3 (which is criminally delisted digitally despite being the best one imo).

Will pick up a Series X at some point. Just wish there was more on Xbox to draw me in. Loved the variety in the OG Xbox and 360 era. Fine with my PS5 and retro systems for now.

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Honestly not worth having one right now for the first party exclusives. Skipping a large part of the last gen and having an interest in Indies means I get my fill due to Gamepass, but it’s pretty barren for AAA exclusives.

Hopefully that changes in 2023. And it really ought to, given they bought about 15 MASSIVE companies 5 years ago for 100 trillion gazillion dollars.

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T h the exclusives this gen have been super varied. Jist none of em have been big ol blockbusters

Some good indie stuff, yeah. Which is why I want to still own a modern Xbox. A lot of them do go multiplat after a while though. Just sorta see Xbox as a secondary machine (for me personally) atm. Always did tbh. Just prefer PS and Nintendo.

Play Signalis, it is very very good

I want this.

I haven’t a fucking clue. I would actually have accepted the it was all a dream/fireworks ending, but it carried on another 15 minutes

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3 momths apple tv and music is a perk this month fyi

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Battlefield 2042 added today. Apoarently season 3 has fixed most of its issues if you want a multiplayer shooter

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