Theatre bastards - The new class

I finally saw Yerma last night and it was incredible. Billie is a fucking star.

What have YOU seen of late?


But, I am going to see Groundhog Day on Saturday, and very much looking forward to it.

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Saw the Deep Blue Sea the last week. Helen McCrory was great, the play was pretty good. I like Tom Burke but he wasn’t too great in this.

Really enjoyed Groundhog Day though the songs were a bit forgettable - set is sublime, where are you sitting?

Just wondered if anyone here saw the original Fleabag show that TV series is based on and could compare etc.?

I did indeed, saw it at the Soho Theatre. The play was just a monologue, about an hour long. Had a lot more bite and wasn’t really many other characters so they fleshed it out quite a bit for the series. Worth reading the playtext

At the top, at the back, to the side. Our classic super cheap, super terrible seats.

Ooh, excellent. Cheers!

Big fan of your thread title too, btw.

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Anyone seen Labyrinth yet? Any good?

I saw Groundhog Day earlier this week and it was great. It was captioned which was the first time I’d seen a play with subtitles. It wasn’t as distracting as I thought it might be but I still couldn’t help myself reading along every now and again.

Oh that would have actually been very handy as from where I was sat the vocals were drowned out on occasion so couldn’t hear the lyrics.

Haven’t seen anything in a while but have tickets booked for The Nest in October. Original music composed by PJ Harvey you say? Fair enough!

feel so, so out of the loop w/r/t theatre stuff there days :disappointed:

Saw No’s Knife on Saturday. It was Beckett so obviously I liked it, but definitely similar to Not I etc. Nick Cave was behind me in the queue for picking up tickets.

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Yerma was great! Also seen The Seagull (good and very Russian) and Platonov (very funny) recently. Have tickets to see Glenda Jackson play King Lear, The Nest (music by PJ Harvey), The Red Barn and Living with the Lights On between now and Christmas.



Got a couple of fringe things this week then a daytrip to Manchester on Saturday to see Maxine Peake in Streetcar.

Only Kiki’s Delivery Service in December lined up.

What’s hot right now?

Fleabag is coming back in December FYI

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Oh, thanks a lot :slight_smile: