Theme Selector not Working / Can't Change Theme

I just tried picking a different theme to see if it might fix the notification color issue, but no matter what I pick it stays on the default theme. It’s the same outcome whether I use the theme selector or go into preferences. I’m on a desktop fwiw.

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Still having this issue fwiw even though I’m now using a laptop instead of a desktop, not sure if anyone else is too?


Oh I was logged out and now I can’t change back to greyskull :slightly_frowning_face:

Hrm. This is really weird.

Does 6 months cohere with when we moved servers @megalithicrock?

@zeal, is it worth doing a server update?

Yeah, we’re a little overdue tbh. I’ll get something sorted when I get a chance :+1:

@lwt - I’ll let you know when I’ve run the updates and let’s see if it helps or it’s something else.


I’ve gone through all the plugins and templates but can’t see anything amiss. Updated the plugins on a few bits.

Wondering if the new menu supersedes the old burger menu plugins?

There is another thread about the theme selector

Sorry should probably have been a reply to @lwt

Thank you! This sorted it :white_check_mark: