Things that it's weird that

It’s weird that Arnold Schwarzenegger had that bit where he was just cast as an everyday all-American Dad or whatever when he has such a ridiculously thick accent that he never ever tried to mask in anyway isn’t it.

It’s also weird that there is never any equivalent films to like Beethoven or Honey I Shrunk the Kids made these days is there, like live-action family films don’t exist any more.

What else is there that it’s weird that?

my toothbrush has been thrown away. which makes me think, somebody thinks my toothbrush is their toothbrush. :angrypikachu:

Paddington/Paddington 2 are basically live-action family films (albeit with a CG member of the family as a title character).

They are both really excellent but I feel like they’re both kids films that adults can enjoy as opposed to the thing I’m thinking about (also the CG is crucial)

You’ve probably been sharing your toothbrush for ages and not known it…

Weird that Arnold Schwarzenegger has arguably the best cv in the world, despite not being very good at anything other than having big muscles and being fairly handsome

I feel bad for them, I’m a disgusting slob.

The best bit of Jingle All the Way is how his neck is larger than all the supporting cast

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See, that’s what sparked this thought because that felt like it could be it for about 35 minutes and then it turns into an absolutely bizarrely all-over-the-place fucking two and a half hour mess afterwards.

Yeah, sorry about that.

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story of my life pal


It’s weird to think that Jordan fucked Gareth Gates and popped his cherry whilst she was pregnant with Harvey

I haven’t seen it tbqh but it’s Alexander Payne so I’m sure it’s not the jaunty, Talking Heads themed romp the trailer makes it out to be.

Yeah, that is weird

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It’s weird that there’s a team of people still writing film reviews for


Me and El are both in agreement in the film thread that it’s one of the most misleading trailers we’ve ever seen.

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apparently he was already loaded before he got famous - he used to have a building company and flog body building supplements with ads in the back of magazines

So he must be pretty shrewd I guess

Pete’s Dragon by the guy who did A Ghost Story was alright. But yeah original live action family films are a dying breed, or the ones that do come out are just total shite e.g. Book of Henry