Things to do in... LIVERPOOL

Accepted defeat on our Brussels plans so reckon we’re going to go to the pool next month for a few days. Good bars, restaurants, museums, things and so on please. May have the car so anything just outside the city too

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Slip now


Pass and move.


Enjoy one of their famous European nights.


Book an intensive driving instruction course, pass your theory, pass your practical and then get yourself down to Evans Halshaw, buy yourself a Toyota and drive on out of there!


If the weather is nice I’d suggest going to see the Antony Gormley metal men at Crosby Beach. Check the tides first, though


I’ll be telling lots of people to calm down, I hear the locals love that

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Up a toffee or two


Alright, fagin

Paul McCartney lives in Rye

The maritime museum is good.

Port Sunlight. Its like Bournville/Cadbury World but for soap.


I might go there and catch things. And call people phoney

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Go to visit the place where it began for one of the most influential bands ever, The Zutons


I liked Sefton Park because it has a big greenhouse in and Lark Lane nearby had lots of nice pubs and places to eat and little shops etc
The docks were good for wandering and museums and the Tate etc


Just make sure you don’t end up doing what I did the only time I’ve ever been to Liverpool (see Morrissey live).

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Dead Crafty / Ship & Mitre for beer and are next to each other.

Open Eye Gallery is a nice little photography gallery on the waterfront near all the other main museums.

Down The Hatch is supposed to be really good for vegan / veggie burgers and the like.

i think there’s some kind of boat across some sort of water

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Tate, Maritime Museum, Baltic Market

Baltic Bakehouse for breakfast or lunch
Love Lane Brewery for beer

Both in the Baltic Triangle area.

Madre for dinner (menu by London’s Breddos Tacos) - Albert Dock

Ship & Mitre. Some other pubs that were the size of people’s livingrooms. The spoons in the station. #tourismguideawardwinner2022