Thom Yorke Scoring "Suspiria" Remake


Me likey…Argento’s original one of my fav films of all time. Never heard of the new director but with Yorke scoring immediately piqued my interest… Thoughts?

Radiohead! Thom Yorke news - movie soundtrack

The original soundtrack is a classic. Hope he doesn’t just make it sound like generic Thom Yorke.


Will look forward to some shite laptop beats and his nondescript mewling


@witches ?


i really don’t want a remake to happen :cry: . The original soundtrack is amazing and the original film is amazing.


Call me a negative nancy but they cant possibly do it justice.


Yeah this seems like a strange project, can’t really see it being anything other than a pastiche as the original film/soundtrack are so of their time.

Although the director (Luca Guadignino) is pretty good and apparently his latest Sufjan-scored film is supposed to be brilliant.


Yep, it’ll be terrible. Get some new material please.




Quietly optimistic. Hopefully he’ll rope Jonny in for some nightmare strings.