Today's New Releases 3rd February 2017

So last week I started a thread…

…as I was looking forward to a couple of records coming out and ended up getting a load of other great recommendations of other albums released the same day. Thought it might be a good idea to start a weekly thread about new releases as at the moment I mainly rely on this

But it misses out a lot of smaller independent releases.

To kick things off this week I will be checking out the new releases from The Menzingers and Surfer Blood. Also interested to hear new Elbow as although I haven’t given their last couple albums much of a listen I’ve liked what I’ve heard from the new one on 6music.

Finally Lift To Experience re-issue is out today and on Spotify for the first time so will definitely be giving that a spin too.

This may not take off but thought it’s worth a shot

I’ve had a quick listen to the LP by The Bats - good solid indie stuff there.

Now really enjoying the new Moon Duo record.

I’ve got Moon Hooch and Ten Fe cued up, but not sure if either will be great. We shall see.

It’s just occurred to me how much I love Spotify. Never used to be able to listen to music immediately like this back in the day.

Skyjelly - Góst Rock

Skyjelly are this odd mix of genres, alternative rock psychedlic whatever. Their songs are arranged really well in a style that feels quite ramshackle and loose but builds very nicely. A bit like Battles but less “stuff” going on and more strung out.

It’s a lot more relaxed than their album last year (which I loved - but I’m really enjoying it.