Travel thread: Barcelona!


Couldn’t find another travel thread that covers Barcelona. What’s good, folks? I’ve compiled a list of beer places (there’s a Mikkeller bar! And BierCab looks amazing) but will accept all recommendations. Also, I will have a small baby in tow - will this limit where we can go? I’m told the Spanish are very child friendly, but having been kicked out of two pubs in the UK due to their licensing, I’m worried we won’t be allowed in anywhere if the rules are a bit different.

BierCab and CAT bar are both really good pubs, the latter especially should be accommodating to kids.

Biercab is my favourite bar outside of Brooklyn
The food is great there too

For the love of god, keep an eye on your stuff, Barcelona is notorious for pickpockets.

Learning a little Catalan will make you popular with the locals. At least my Catalan teacher who just got his doctorate in Catalan studies says so.

My favourite place to eat is this place here, veggie burgers + excellent pastries:

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Vegan place, huh? I guess I can take a walk on the wild side…

MORE vegan stuff… I’m sensing a theme here. Massive doughnuts is up my street though.

Looking forward to BierCab, Don’t suppose you spotted any prams in there? At the very least I’m hoping we can spend an afternoon bar hopping, even if we’ll be limited in the evening.

Nah but it’s not in a particularly touristy bit so you’ll be fine

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CAT bar is lovely. I went on one of my first dates with my wife there :smile:

Me too!

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bump - anyone got any more recommendations? I’ll be in Barca from tomorrow, obviously gonna hit all the beer spots but any other food/underrated touristy things to do?

BierCab was absolutely awesome, the Mikkeller bar too. And Garage.

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El Xampanyet is a good bar to go to as a tourist I guess.

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I’ve got a recommendation, I recommend you spell it properly pal - it’s Barça

Note: this is not my actual opinion. However, a ‘Barça’ supporting plastic fan at an old work place used to pretend to get really wound up by this. He was a dick. Hope you have a good trip :+1:

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Absolutely this! €6 a bottle of Cava and its lovely and their Tapas are good.

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To add to @hip_young_gunslinger recommendations, this place was amazing, plus it was only a couple of doors away from my hotel.ӕlderkold/5373bf00498e01926086d0c6

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Also if you are into Castles, the trip up on the cable car to Montjuic Castle was pleasant.
Don’t get a return as the walk back was nice.


I was there a few weeks ago, you don’t actually get a decent view of the city unless you go into the castle which is about €5 I think. There’s nothing much in the castle, you’re essentially paying for the view but it is very nice. To get up there you need to take the funicular (can use a metro ticket) and then the cable car. From the cable car station you can walk along to the Olympic stadium and there’s some nice parks too.

This was to @badmanreturns obviously I don’t need to tell you that.

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Yeah we only got the funicular on the way back, also did the Olympic Stadium on the same day.

I thought it was worth the admission for the view and a little wander around.

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There’s a little side street with bars all next to each other, one is called Sub Rosa, another Nevermind and there’s a couple of others. I don’t know if it’s everyday but at least on sundays they all have happy hours at around 5/6ish and sell mojitos for about €2.

That Gopal vegan place is round the corner too, that whole square (or triangle as I think they call it) has loads of vegan/veggie places that are good.

I love Barca, enjoy!