TV/Netflix/Amazon Prime/Apple etc series thread for 2023

New year, new thread for any TV/streaming series discussion, though obviously feel free to set up a new thread/bump existing threads for individual shows if you want

Kaleidoscope (the ‘watch episodes in any order’ series) is on Netflix from today. Hopefully Our Flag Means Death will finally be on iPlayer this month or next month too.


The new Interview with the Vampire TV show is supposed to be good. Hopefully it will also be available in the UK soon

Happy ‘Search Party on iPlayer’ day, everyone


This is really good!! Thank you.

BBC2 showing episode 1 of Our Flag Means Death on Wednesday so I guess that means it’ll all be on iPlayer on Wednesday too


Suspect we’ve abandoned three pines. Watched the first episode of blackbird and that seems much more like it.

Promised a mate i would watch top boy too. Can’t really remember much from the channel 4 era, is there an easy refresher video or something?

Tutti Frutti - Scottish drama starring Robbie coltrane and written by John Byrne is on iPlayer for next month

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1899 cancelled already

I’m watching ‘I Hate Suzie’ season 1…does it get any better? I’m on episode 4 and it isn’t very good.

Watching ‘Treason’ on Netflix because I like something undemanding to watch at breakfast (I’m the only one up at this hour).

Wowsers, is it undemanding. Also, the Superhero chap is confusing me by not being blind any more, plus English!

Also, literally the worst, stupidest spies/secret service ever.

Also the script: “just have a few bites” of breakfast cereal. Who bites cornflakes?

Highly recommended.

I can’t recall the first season being a slow burner, I think I loved it from the start. I suspect it may not be your thing if you’re not into it half way through. It does start to unravel a bit towards the end so might be worth sticking with if you like chaos!


Ahh, thanks for this. I think it’s the chaos that’s putting me off tbh!

Any idea where Poker Face will be showing in UK? Where does Peacock stuff go?

Peacock goes to NowTv but it’s nowhere near as quick as other stuff. They seem to only have limited stuff on there which is annoying.

As mentioned Sky/Now TV but it’s a crapshoot how close it is to the US airing. Maybe this one will be better for that though due to the success of Glass Onion.

Yeah, I really struggled with it too for this reason. Too hectic and anxiety inducing for me. I remember it getting great reviews though.

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Haven’t been watching a whole lot lately. Watched the second half of Inside Job on Netflix shortly before Christmas. I’m glad the Gravity Falls team don’t have to deal with Disney anymore but I’m really over the adult sci-fi animation I’m so smart and belligerent!!! vibe. It’s not as annoying and smarmy as Rick & Morty and there were some laughs, but that’s about it. I would still R&M above it for inventiveness but I haven’t watched the most recent season for similar reasons. Also think American writers rooms should have a moratorium on hiring terminally online people, most episodes were like animated Twitter threads.

My Disney+ subscription wraps up later this month and I’ll have no subscriptions running at all at that point. Think I’ll get a month of Now and finally check out White Lotus and Yellowjackets. Looking forward to finally seeing Our Flag Means Death too.

Also intend on making my Columbo boxset my little Sunday treat.

We Own This City is incredibly fucking good


Over the break on Netflix I watched:

Pepsi, Where’s My Jet? which was kinda fun but ultimately kinda loses steam, and
Eat The Rich: The Gamestop Saga which was properly fascinating and a very easy watch at an hour and a half.

I also caught up with Rick & Morty but there’s a thread for that

Yeah it’s amazing. Think I’ll do a rewatch