TV/Netflix/Amazon Prime etc thread for 2020

We’re watching Hot Streets for a 3rd (4th?) time.

So weird but magnificent.

Also started re-watching W1A last night as I spent the afternoon in a bullshit marketing brainstorm thing and I couldn’t get it out of my head.

Started watching neon genesis evangelion again for some reason, after a 6 month break.

Think I might be… starting to enjoy it?? (On episode 10)


Am absolutely smashing through The Expanse at the moment, loving it.


Definitely worth persevering with, even if you’re not fully into it, just to experience the final episodes.

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They’re starting to leak out a bit more about the backstory, which is interesting me most I think.

Really struggling with all the male gaze stuff though.

There’s lot of good discussion in this thread, some people make very good points about how the women in the show are presented and why:

Don’t think there’s too many spoilers or anything.

I would caution not to get too attached to the idea of the lore all being perfectly laid out by the end…

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Don’t forget to watch The End of Evangelion after seeing the series! (ignore Death and Rebirth, it’s basically a clips show followed by the first chunk of The End of Evangelion)


I think one of my favourite things about Evangelion was the constant sound of crickets. Found it really comforting for some reason.
Also noticed that Cowboy Bebop is on 4od so need to watch the rest of that soon


oh, is that what that’s meant to be? Thought it was some kind of electronic monitoring alarm of the compound or something, and find it quite sinister…

Interestingly the cicadas making noise throughout Evangelion is meant to be the opposite of comforting, it’s an indication that the Earth’s climate at the time the show is set is totally fucked (how prescient!) because Antarctica got totally incinerated by the Second Impact - Shinji’s friend Kensuke remarks at one point how you hear them all the time now, when they used to just be heard in summer.

Ah, well even if I got the source wrong, at least I’m feeling the correct emotion according to the makers wishes!

It wasn’t. However, as I’ve got a friend working on the production, I’m happy it is carrying on :+1:

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I liked the first episode of Picard, and I don’t like Star Trek at all really.

It looked lovely.

HBO rarely cancel stuff after one season anyway do they?

John from Cincinnati! #neverforget


Loving the first 3 episodes of Curb. Like a warm blanket.

Nodded off a bunch of times during the first episode of Briarpatch, but will go back and do a rewatch. Good bit of intrigue, world building and style so far.

Did Vinyl get a second season?

Yup, they’re now onto ‘Vinyls’ :+1:


Started watching Narcos last night and to be honest it has always been my favourite streaming program. Quavo turning up as Crack dealer zero was hilarious.

I hope not, it was dreadful.

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