Neon Genesis Evangelion

I know NGE has cropped up a couple of times in the Netflix thread and others but why not have a dedicated thread to discuss a truly seminal TV show?

I had never seen it before it arrived on Netflix, and I’ve now gone fully off the deep end daydreaming about getting a Seele logo tattoo. I thought it was exceptional, one of the most daring and cohesive studies of trauma and depression I’ve ever seen in a narrative form. It’s made me think about faith and religion more than any other piece of art has in years. It has lots of flaws and problems but overall was so powerful, I’m so glad I was finally able to watch it.

Anyone else really love it? Hate it? Want to discuss some nerdy lore shit or debate interpretation of the ending(s)?


I’ve discovered a rich seam of Simpsons / Eva crossover memes











Haven’t watched it for about 20 years, but thought it was great back then.


Crazy, depressing and uplifting all at once (can’t remember the DiS origin of this phrase now).

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Need to rewatch it and the movies.
Watched the first 2 of the new films but its taking them ages to get them made, especially with the main lad taking time out to do Shin Godzilla.

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Yeah I need to watch the remake films and read the manga I guess.

Love the show so much, I even like the last two episodes. Gendo Ikari has to be the worst father in pop culture history with the possible exception of John Huston in Chinatown. End of Evangelion is one of the most spectacular 'fuck you’s ever, though it’s a difficult watch. As for the Rebuild films, the first is OK, the second is fantastic and the third is a horrific disappointment.

The manga is interesting, Shinji is more assertive in it and there’s some twists to the TV/film plot - manga spoilers (Toji dying in the manga, Shinji trying to punch his father in response, he doesn’t like Kaworu at all, some backstory for Kaji)

I loved the last two episodes, both the message (or at least what I took from it) and how it was constructed, dissolving into sketches and photos. Thought it was breathtaking. I loved the ending of EoE too - I actually think they work together in some ways, even though it’s a big fuck you.

Would be interested to learn more about Kaji, thought he was an interesting plot function in the series but also kind of inessential and thin.

Interesting about Kaworu. Obviously one of the most heartbreaking parts of the series. I was deeply moved when he said “You are worthy of my grace” to Shinji, so was shocked when I saw fans complaining that it differed so much from the original translation where he just says “I love you” (and apparently there’s a debate about which is a better rendering of the Japanese).


never heard of it but I hate simpsons memes so will probably avoid it

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It doesn’t actually have anything to do with the Simpsons, that’s just my kink

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Had absolutely no idea there were Simpsons/Eva crossover memes. Shocked at myself.

Anyway. I was proper, proper obsessed with this when I was 16/17. I spent extortionate amounts on the VHS tapes (2 episodes per tape, £13.99 each, lovely stuff). Used to spend hours down the online rabbit hole, discussing theories and meanings. There was a French guy on the newsgroup who would translate bits of third tier Japanese media (articles, interviews, this pretty infamous pamphlet that was given away at Japanese cinemas for EoE screenings etc). You can, if you know my real name and try hard enough, still find an FAQ I compiled / maintained in about 1999.

EoE was years delayed coming to the west. I remember spending about six hours downloading a Realvideo clip of Asuka fighting the MP Evas. It had no subtitles, no context as to what was going on. It just made me more excited.

Eventually I replaced the video tapes with the “platinum edition” DVDs (4ish episodes on each, £19.99 each).

Really enjoying seeing new people discover it. I’ve not watched it for a long time though, I really need to get on it.


This is amazing, I’m going to have to go searching.

It really has profoundly affected me more than any other TV show I can think of in a long time. I was at a wedding with a practicing Catholic friend the other week and ended up having an hour discussion about the nature of sin and the meaning of redemption off the back of it. They’d never even seen it! They sounded sceptical tbh


And I’d be really interested in what you made of the Netflix translation if you’re so used to the original. I found I watched it with the dub and the subtitles, and even they had pretty major differences

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“It’s about robots fighting big monsters, but also the very nature of what it is to be human. Also, everyone has parental issues. And there’s a penguin.”


“It’s like Power Rangers, but instead of colourful fun, it’s profoundly upsetting”.


There’s a bit in EoE (massive spoilers) where one of the MP Evas is just… chewing on the remains of Unit 02, and the plot barely acknowledges it, and all in it’s one of the most stomach churning images I’ve ever seen in a film.


Shinji: traumatic scream you will hear in your sleep


One of the best shows I’ve ever seen.
Requiem for a dream crossed with 2001 but with enough psychology horror to destroy about 4 people. (EofE)

Can’t recommend it enough.

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There’s a funny manga written by Hideaki Anno’s wife about their daily lives

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