Tyler the creator

The slow cancellation of the (odd) future


lol that was fun

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What did you expect Tyler?


Can only blame Theresa May for this


Brixton academy tonight

New LP is great. Btw


Roastie what’s going on?

IGOR is fucking good eh


What a fucking outfit :+1:

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Brixton Academy gig is actually in September, tix on sale Friday

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Would be so thrilling to be there - he made fans of me and my gf for life with his Primavera set. I imagine that tickets will be be borderline impossible to get sadly.

I’ve only being listening to this guy for about a year but i’m very impressed. I think Goblin and Wolf are his best lyrically, i dunno what the hell cherry bomb was about, flower boy is prob his best imo good blend of chill and wordplay. Igor is weird, i’ve seen someone call it the KID A of his career which is a good analogy, its a 6 maybe 7/10 album for me, not enough rapping in it and some of the songs sound like a flower boy b side or something. Gone Gone/Thank You and Whats Good are great tracks though.

Can’t believe how much I’m loving IGOR.

Haven’t got on with any of his albums up this point but this has properly grabbed me. Makes me feel like I should give Flower Boy another go.


Flower Boy was excellent, and a lot closer to IGOR than all the other albums IMO. You should give it another spin!


Yeah he’s getting better and better, this is gonna be one of the AOTY, surely? Incredible


Hmm - me neither. I’m going to give it a go.

Flower Boy’s such a gorgeous, positive record - about empowerment and making time for creativity. Much more like Tyler’s real manic personality than the shock rap stuff, I think. (Which I do like as well).


Not really themes I enjoy in rap but I’ll give it a spin after IGOR.

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Feel like the reason I like IGOR so much compared to his other albums is the pitch shifting on his vocals. Don’t really like his low voice much outside of some very specific contexts.

Great album this. It’s really coming into it’s own as the sun’s been coming out. Love the not-quite-lo-fi production and the synths all sound :ok_hand: