User icon disappears when viewing a specific thread on mobile

Probably related to the previous nav bar bug, but need to check on Discourse if this is a known issue. The title of the thread is now displayed, but not the user avatar.

Yeah. Pain in the bum because you have to navigate back to the main page to see your notifications. I often use that to quickly switch between threads I’m active in

Oh, seems you can simply tap the thread title, it’ll take you back to the top of the thread and show the user icon

Still less convenient and an extra click though


Please do not deface my avatar like that

Scrolling up a little bit brings the icon back, for me

I have a shortcut on my phone for DiS that used to act like a standalone app which was great but I cleared my browser the other day and now the shortcut just opens in a new tab in Chrome. Tragic.


Right you are!

I’ve realised that I don’t care about this enough to raise an issue about it on Discourse


Did you make this thread just to show everyone you’ve got 3 Facebook messages?

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Yes, I was going to start a thread regardless and finding the problem was a happy coincidence.

this is really annoying @theo

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Raise it on

would need to sign up

can’t be fucked

when are these pricks going to fix this

It is so so so shit

I’m interested to know how long this has to annoy you before you do something about it

I agree that this is annoying

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the issue is that to make it appear I scroll up, then it’ll appear, the rest o fthe thread will load, and then it disappears.



looks like they fixed it

false alarm. no they haven’t.


Doesn’t seem like they think it’s a bad change btw. Seems it’s an example of a change tested with a lot of beta users who liked it but isn’t so well received in the wider community so I’m unsure.

I’ve voiced our dissatisfaction there, however.