Anyone heard the new song? You get it if you sign up to the mailing list.

It’s decent. Nothing wildly different - same sort of Oceansize goes pop thing as his first album. I don’t mind that at all though.


I think it’s great, one of his best vocal performances.

Mike’s talked about this tune being a bridge between the stuff on his last album and some of the weirder stuff on the new one. Makes sense.


Ah! I was hoping he might be leading with something familiar just to get people back on board so this is excellent news indeed!


I like it. Agree about the vocals, he seems to have made an effort to sing in his native accent and tone down the Vedder-isms, which can only be a good thing. The promise of wierder things to come has definitely whetted my appetite for the album.


Lad really wishes he was in the cardiacs. So do I mind


Haha absolutely - Oceansize did play with them one time I think, and they covered Spratley’s Japs. Plus they totally ripped them off a bunch of times in their own songs. I do think being in Biffy Clyro has a lot of influence on him now as well.


Did not realise he was in Biffy Clyro. I can sort of hear it now. I’d prefer it if he stayed closer to the Cardiacs-y side of things tbh.


Him and Gambler tour with them. Yeah, I think that’s what we all want really, alas!


yeah he’s a touring member, but I don’t think he’s appeared on any of their albums.

New track is a banger. The comments from those who have heard the whole record are talking it up quite a bit, but I can’t be surprised.

And any and all comparisons to The Cardiacs, however favorable or not, I’m sure Vennart appreciates per he is obviously a huge fan/admirer.

But I’m stoked as all hell for this LP, however soon it drops. The Demon Joke is 1 of my favorite records this decade (and I love Oceansize of course).


This is great, can’t wait for the full thing


you’ll be pleased with the record then, i reckon.


Donkey Kong is on YouTube now:


“Immortal Soldiers”

album is called “To Cure A Blizzard Upon A Plastic Sea”


New album drops on September 14th.,


New album pre-order:

A bunch of fancy options.

Video from the live DVD.


Pre-ordered this sucka. Can’t wait.


new 1 hour+ long interview with Mike Vennart




new tune. big.


Copeland EP coming out on September 14th as well.

“Castlefordian Girls” streaming