Wedding songs

I know this has been done a few times but I had a search and I think most of the threads were on the old boards.

I’m getting married in just over six weeks. We’ve decided what entrance song (Aiden Moffat & Bill Wells - The Powers and the Glory of Love), but I need ideas for signing the register and walking out of the chapel.

If you’re married, what songs did you have? If you’re not, what would you have?

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International Players Anthem

Down the aisle to Everythjng is Fucked by Dirty Three.
I found a reason by cat power (velvet underground cover) and farewell to ferodo by jock scot played during the ceremony.
Denis by blondie as people were leaving the room.
Ship song by nick cave as first dance.

If I were to change anything I’d probably switch the first dance song to something more inclusive and upbeat. But all good otherwise.


I walked into Live Forever, the finest love song ever written


I’ll wait for the comedy motherfuckers to get it out of their system and then I’ll give you an answer


My wife came down the aisle to Bjork - Unravel. My wife’s cousin played some Max Richter on the old Joanna during the signing of the register. We walked out of the venue to Talking Heads - This Must Be The Place.

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so romantic

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We walked out to ‘You’re The One For Me Fatty’ because we thought it was amusing.

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My wife walked down the aisle to an instrumental version of ‘The Book of Love’ by Magnetic Fields. My friends band played an arrangement that was a mash up of the Magnetic Fields and Peter Gabriel versions. We walked out to the same song but with vocals which worked really well.

First dance was Frightened Rabbits cover of Set You Free by N-Trance

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Bridal entrance - The Decemberists - June Hymn performed by a couple of friends. Was beautiful and knocked me for six at the front of the aisle.

Post-ceremony - Tegan & Sara - Love They Say

First dance - Elbow - Mirrorball

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We had this as the entrance of the bride music:

And this as the processional


Think she walked down the aisle to Canon in D by Pachbel.

We entered the reception to Hysterical by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

First dance was Born to Run.

Last song of the night was All these Things that I’ve Done into Don’t Look Back in Anger.

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Copied and pasted from the email we sent to our DJ last November:

Walking down the aisle song -
Spiritualized - Ladies and Gentlemen we are Floating in Space

Signing the register songs -
Bright Eyes - First Day of My Life
Cat Power - Sea of Love

Walking down the stairs (just after the resister is signed)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps

Song of pre dinner entrance
The Beach Boys - God Only Knows

Cutting the cake
Future Islands - Sun in the Morning

First Dance
The Waterboys - Whole of the Moon


These are great. Jock Scot was a nice touch! The Ship Song is beautiful and I imagine it was quite emotional!

We’re having Earth Angel by The Penguins (well the “Marvin Berry” version) for our first dance.

Thank you!

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Ah, I love Magnetic Fields but my bf is not such a fan.

I don’t like Frightened Rabbit but I’ve just listened to them doing Set You Free and it’s pretty good!

these are great choices!