Wedding songs


these are great choices!


had no idea there were so many choices of music aside from first dance tbh

I would pick Stand Inside Your Love


YYYs are definitely on the shortlist for us




these are great choices, too :smiley:

I wonder if I need a ‘pre dinner entrance’ song or similar?


We got married in the showy nature in a kind of summer garden party

We walked to and from the ‘altar’ to this, played via a 78 on a wind up gramophone placed on a 300 year old well;

Our first dance was

Followed by

And then

Last song of the night was

ah, memories

CONGRATULATIONS :balloon::confetti_ball::tada::champagne:



It is your day! You need as many songs as you want!


Walked in to First Day of My Life, walked out to Heroes. I liked them because they sounded positive and love-y enough at first listen to keep the relatives happy (my mum wanted me to walk down the aisle to Czardas, fuck!) but the lyrics give a more realistic view of love. Neither of us believe in the whole “I promise to be with you forever” stuff so those two songs were perfect.

Didn’t have a first dance, although at one point in the night Girl From Mars came on and we had a dance surrounded by our friends, which was ace.


That first song is incredible. I love how unique that must have been at your wedding!


it has to be completely personal surely ? Something you and your other half both love. I can’t remember what we had during the signing bit. Nothing possibly… But we did have lots of other stuff we loved during the day. Congratulations as well !


Nice choices. We were thinking Heroes to walk out too, but we’re wavering


Yeah exactly that, just looking for a bit of inspiration (and being a bit nosey whilst I’m still in wedding mode!). There are loads of songs we both love, it’s just tricky narrowing it down.


First dance was Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Power Of Love.

Unbelievably beautiful song.


think we had something by Eels. Oh and Metarie by Brendan Benson. First dance was Hello Sunshine by Super Furry Animals. It was the part of the wedding planning I enjoyed the most if I remember correctly !


Have you heard the song I’m walking down the aisle to? It’s by Aiden Moffat and Bill Wells and is called The Powers and the Glory of Love. It’s a medley of The Power of Love by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Jennifer Rush and Huey Lewis (as well as The Glory of Love). I love it so much.

Ah, I found it on Spotify:


SFA are in our shortlist too :slight_smile:


Not heard it…will check it out later.

At least it’s not Pete Cetera’s Glory Of Love. A real 80’s classic rock ballad.


Our first dance was The Love Cats - The Cure

Was fun looking at the confused expression on my mum and brother-in-law’s face as they tried to make sense of what the hell this song was and how they were meant to dance to it together. And then looking round half way through it to see half the guests having joined in the dancing.

Congratulations, hope you have a great day.


Yeah, it was quite special

We actually played the Jack Hylton version of I am the words You are the Melody but I couldn’t find that on yt



I get married in 2 and a half weeks. Still trying to find a couple more songs for signing the register. We have avril 14th for walking down the aisle and L-O-V-E by Nathan King Cole for walking out. We’ve got U-Love by J Dilla to begin with signing the register but need another as it’s well short. First dance is The wonder of you followed by I only want to be with you. I’m well excited!