Hey hey. I’ve missed you all.

But still gonna try and spend today continuing to educate myself.

I know this isn’t the filth thread and also it isn’t Thursday but little anxiety brain has come out to play.

Just to check, when you accidentally say to someone you’re thinking of what you could do (in a sexy way) and they reply ‘go on then’…that’s an invitation right? I’m not misreading signs?


Sounds game on to me. :sunglasses:

Morning all.
Feeling pretty emotionally shaky from the last few days (or years more likely) and left FB because it was just a stream of misery. Going to go back to ignoring the news as well (this is not as easy as I work for a news channel)
The TV wants to go to the BLM protest and has take the day off work but I’m still pretty worried about that pandemic that everyone’s forgotten about.


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dreamt about jeremy clarkson last night for some reason :frowning:

Morning all

Had a day off DiS (wasn’t in a particularly good place mentally, let alone anything else) and did some reading / watching. Feeling a little better today, so that’s good.

@tilty I’d say this was an invitation to at least probe further (if you’ll excuse the innuendo)


Morning. At work. Srs cba.

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My Saturday today. Beyond exhausted. Might go to Dartmouth.


That’s an invitation to go fully disgusting filth mode, imho.

Do us proud, tilty. Do us proud.


Good morning @tilty @UncleRetrospective @colon_closed_bracket @shrewbie @rich-t @anon19035908 @Epimer, good morning DiS, many happy returns of the day to Rafael Nadal from the Tennis and Suzi Quattro from Can The Can, happy anniversary to Montenegro, and salutations to those among us who celebrate World Bicycle Day or Mabo Day!

Woke up again. Might rain. Gonna stand naked in it.


Definitely not misreading the signs, as someone who literally typed those words to someone yesterday :smiley: hope your anxiety settles - it’s a stressful time right now, take good care of yourself!

I had an anxiety dream about something that really shouldn’t still bother me but it does. I made myself a fried egg sandwich and put mixed herbs on it, bloody lovely.

cLOUDDEAD are now on Spotify, I’m so happy about this. Ten is really calming me this morning.

I’m about to write to my MP about his silence on USA/Trump. Can’t wait for his ‘how dare you, I’m so offended’ reply sigh

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Oooooh nice

Morning everyone, slept well last night somehow, felt really low the last couple of days about the world basically falling apart, but doing okay today. Got some meetings in a bit, the big shop to do later and sewing bee is on tonight, woo!

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I’m a big fan of your morning posts, @anon67149139. There’s definitely a local radio DJ in you (CWBAFT, etc)


I’m sure a FB break will help massively - it certainly has for me. I still use Instagram which I find more manageable, and I’ve had some really good recommended reading/watching/IG profiles.

Totally understand your worries about attending a protest during a pandemic. Are you in the UK? Someone made a post about infection rates here, and why it’s important to be mindful of this beforehand, and offered some alternatives if you can’t attend the protest. I can’t find the post though, I’ll keep looking.


I’ve been checking periodically for the past 4 years, I am very happy

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Same here. I know what I’m listening to on the way home.

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Hello and good morning @tilty and gang!

Currently drinking coffee and reading a book (just had to check something on my phone and now here I am… Oops). It’s suddenly only a week and a half until I leave for my summer job at the horse farm, so need to sit down and make a plan for everything I need to do before that time, including meeting some people before essentially being away for two months.

Also I’m catsitting this coming weekend which will be nice but let’s face it, timing could be better :grimacing:

Film club tonight, yay!


morning all,

get to go out in the van again today and drop off some kit, great to get back on the tools so to speak. :slight_smile:
coffee and breakfast first.

Bit drab out innit.

Might play a little FFVII after work tonight

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S/t or ten?