Wednesday thread

Morning…Late shift to early shift, 6 hour gap in-between. I may as well sleep here sometimes. Anyhooo…

Morning punky. Listening to the boring cricket, waiting for dawn. Today doesn’t seem promising so far

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I actually slept through for the first time in ages without one of the cats scratching at my door at 5sm.

I played with them for half hour before bed and wore them out which seems to have done the trick.

I might actually go for a walk before work.


Morning folks.

Was looking forward to a long bike ride today but a) it looks very icy out there and b) the dog has a poorly paw.

Instead, I’m going to be taking the dog to the V-E-T if we can get an appointment. Exciting stuff.

Had to scrape the car

Very cold hands

Off to work

Kids are back in

Still, halfway through already huh??

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Morning folks :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Thought there was someone in the flat last night so had to creep up on every room…not really sure what I was going to do. It was just a frame that had fallen off the wall in an attention seeking manner.

Still not living in a cabin and still having to go to work. What fresh hell is 2022?!

Taken the day off sick as been up all night shivering and sweating and generally feeling like poop.

GWS Funky :heart:


First day back after 2 weeks


I like to rub my feet together like a cricket when I’m in bed and have been rudely woken up because the cat decided to not only pounce on said cricket feet, but also scurry up my body like a rat and then bite my nose. Good morning to you too, feline


Cats are such fuckers

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Oh god. Time to reap the terrible harvest of my pre-xmas laziness I guess :frowning:

Morning all :wave:

I’m off today having been in work yesterday. Pros: not having to be in work; day with the cheeksters. Cons: spending the day worrying about the things that kicked off yesterday afternoon that I can’t resolve today.

Going to go to Sandringham for a walk / cold trip to the adventure play area, then to a castle. Need to wrap up warm, I think.

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Need to log on :upside_down_face:
To book the rest of the week off :slight_smile:

“gm frens” as they say in Web3 :woozy_face:

Expecting a much busier day at work today as more of the teams are back.

Yesterday I managed to do yoga at 7am, got organised, and ate well, and fit in a walk… still slept crap and struggling to get moving today. Think I’ll have to try to do yoga with Adrienne 30 day challenge before lunch or tonight

Just dropped my wife at work and the roads around here are definitely in no fit state to ride a bike on.

Hopefully the dog is fit to go for a walk once the vet has tinkered with his paw otherwise its going to be a long, boring day.

Swimming is great.


Why do I have to get up if I’m still sleepy and want to stay in bed? :thinking: one of life’s great quandaries

gasps it must be xyLIKElo