What are you listening right now?



Podcast of a local radio show called "Golden Apples of the Sun, where they play a lot of stuff in the psychedelic folky vein. Currently playing: The Eagles - Journey of the Sorceror.


A spotify playlist called ‘Winter Acoustic’ - I 've been listening to it nearly all afternoon, actually very consistent. Some great songs on it. Really enjoying it, in the mood for it.


I saw this guy Honey Harper lastly night - he was supporting Soccer Mommy and Snail Mail at the Lexington. Totally fallen for his songs. It’s Americana / alt-county but not run-of-the-mill stuff. I listened to so much Americana beetwen 1995-2005 then I stopped because so much of it sounded the same. This is beautiful however.


James Holden and the Animal Spirits - perhaps the best thing I’ve heard from anyone in the last few years.



A few EELS albums and then onto The Decemberists. DiS thread inspired listening today in Badger Towers.



I listen my favorite songs David Bowie - Black Star



Screamadelica on the way to work. I’ll quite happily tell anyone who’ll listen that it’s my favourite album of all time, but I haven’t actually listened to it in ages.

I’m planning on listening to Obey The Time by The Durutti Column at lunchtime.



Having read the previous thread about how good this is (and having been a big fan of Natural History), I’d have to disagree. I think Natural History is catchier and more diverse. Still a pretty good record though (and glad I managed to pick the cd up on discogs at a sensible price).


One of my favorite albums by REM. Reminds me of the good old days of cassettes!!


Still have all my cassettes. I remember most of the print rubbing off my yellow transparent Automatic For The People cassette!


Most of my REM albums I bought on cassette. Murmur through to Green. What a run! Chronic Town too.


Was a bit too young to get them when they come out but good music doesn’t age :slight_smile:
Picked up the two MTV unplugged albums at the weekend so in an R.E.M. mood.


I watched the Beats Rhymes and Life documentary last night so now all I listen to is A Tribe Called Quest


primus “sailing the seas of cheese”, great record.


songs from the GOAT GIRL record. which sound quite good. sort of like a bored Angel Olsen fronting Pavement. sort of.