What are you listening right now?



Podcast of a local radio show called "Golden Apples of the Sun, where they play a lot of stuff in the psychedelic folky vein. Currently playing: The Eagles - Journey of the Sorceror.


A spotify playlist called ‘Winter Acoustic’ - I 've been listening to it nearly all afternoon, actually very consistent. Some great songs on it. Really enjoying it, in the mood for it.


I saw this guy Honey Harper lastly night - he was supporting Soccer Mommy and Snail Mail at the Lexington. Totally fallen for his songs. It’s Americana / alt-county but not run-of-the-mill stuff. I listened to so much Americana beetwen 1995-2005 then I stopped because so much of it sounded the same. This is beautiful however.


James Holden and the Animal Spirits - perhaps the best thing I’ve heard from anyone in the last few years.



A few EELS albums and then onto The Decemberists. DiS thread inspired listening today in Badger Towers.



I listen my favorite songs David Bowie - Black Star