What are you listening right now?


Flaming Lips - ego tripping at the gates of hell.


Malkmus’ self titled album


Pye Corner Audio - Prowler


is grimes the best? yes

What are you listening to right now?


Sway - Silver & Gold (feat. Akon)


Autechre’s latest, especially track 3 from session 3: tt1pd - that’s melting my brain good and proper at the moment :slight_smile:


I think I am the only listening Reggaeton
Ozuna - Se preparó



Currently listening to the new Brad Mehldau Trio record I picked up at his concert on Monday in Berlin. It’s not officially available yet, comes out on the 18th May.

Very pleasant altogether and perfectly suits my mood at the moment.


This Arctic Monkeys playlist :heart_eyes:


Gnod, Donovan’s Daughter’s



but also this off the same release


Frank Ocean


The Sons of Kemet album. My god it’s great.


This cover of tMG’s All Hail West Texas. Enough of the artists do enough to change the originals to make it worth a listen [edit: image looked ok on preview but not appearing. Here’s a link to the page]



Petit Noir. Champing at the bit for a new album now…


New Beach House, meh


The Final Age.
Earworm du jour.