What are your top 3 Mogwai albums?


  1. The Hawk is Howling
  2. Rave Tapes
  3. Come on Die young
  1. Young Team
  2. Hardcore will Never Die
  3. Happy Music

Young Team
Government Commissions

Did not expect hardly anyone, let alone the OP to bust out two of my faves…

  1. Mr Beast
  2. Hawk Is Howling
  3. Come On Die Young
  1. Hardcore
  2. Young Team
  3. CODY

1 - Come on Die Young
2 - Mogwai Young Team
3 - Zidane

Shouts to Atomic, Les Revenents and Rave Tapes.

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Shit Government Commissions is amazing.


By some freak coincidence, my top 3 Mogwai albums also happen to be the only good Mogwai albums!!!

  1. Young Team (but you have to replace Summer with the proper version)
  2. Happy Songs For Happy People (so long as you’re listening to a proper version without the Happy Tree Friends sample at the end)
  3. Rock Action (though the first half really is a slog)

Also, shout out to amazing album names and track titles. No one does it better.

Their best? Central Belters.


Rock Action!? Oooft

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Of all the things that are irritating and off-putting about Mogwai, the album names and track titles comes in at number 2. Number 1 is the whole “every song sounds identical” thing.

Sorry, you know what? I hate it when people come into positive threads and piss everywhere.

Mods? Please delete my posts.

I’m sorry everyone. Let’s never talk of this again.


Nahnahnah someone needs to say it mate

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It is! Zidane is also a good call :slight_smile:

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I wish I’d seen them perform it live with the film.

I made my ex watch the movie. She was into film, but even then said it was odd. Then the spoiler bit and it was awesome.

It’s only just over half an hour long!


Only really picked it for that one towards the end. 2 Rights Make 1 Wrong or something? Good horns.

Saw them play it in Glasgow- was amazing!

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Yeah, that’s a good one. They had a horn section with them for the couple of dates they played around the release of the album but hardly ever since - felt like a completely different track to the version they’ve played since.

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That is a damn good shout. Couldnt do without that.

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